Being Married to a Bodybuilder

Being Married to a Bodybuilder: What You Should Know

If you think dating a bodybuilder is difficult, wait until you’re married to him!

Apart from the emotional rollercoaster that comes with competition season, there’s also the everyday challenge of making sure you don’t lose your cool when your husband spends more time in the gym.

But, what is it like to be married to a professional bodybuilder? Here’s what you need to know.

The Good

Bodybuilders are hard workers

Bodybuilders didn’t get their muscular physiques overnight. It takes months of hard work and determination for a bodybuilder to get into fighting form.

The great thing about this is that your bodybuilder husband’s work ethic doesn’t just start and end in the gym.

Because for bodybuilders, especially those who do it professionally, building muscle is more than just a simple hobby – it’s a lifestyle.

This means that hard work is ingrained in your husband’s personality.

They don’t expect anything to come easy, so they’re willing to push beyond their limits to succeed.

They find ways to get through the physically demanding tasks because they know that it’s part of the process.

Instead of complaining when the going gets tough, they train their minds and their bodies to press on until they reach the results they’re aiming for.

This is probably the reason why many bodybuilders are also into manual labor jobs.

They know what it takes to be a hard worker because they’ve trained their minds and bodies for it.

Bodybuilders aren’t afraid of committing

Since building muscle requires sacrifices, you can be sure that your bodybuilding husband isn’t scared of commitment.

Bodybuilders know that they need to commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle to get their bodies ready for competition season.

This means going to the gym instead of lazing around on the couch and eating healthy foods instead of gorging on alcohol and desserts.

Bodybuilders need to have the right outlook to push themselves to follow through the difficult continually, but at the same time, rewarding daily routine.

Whether it’s pumping iron for long hours or eating the same meals every day, once they commit to the lifestyle, they’ll make sure to follow through – even if it means giving up on things that they enjoy doing.

You can see this carry through in other aspects of their lives. They’re not quick to give up on their relationships or their personal goals once they set their minds to it.

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When they commit to something, they won’t give up on it quickly.

Bodybuilders know their way around the kitchen

If you’ve been dating a bodybuilder for some time now, you probably already know that muscles are not built in the gym, but in the kitchen.

For bodybuilders to get into shape, they need to eat lean and healthy meals throughout the day.

Since most meals from restaurants and takeaway counters are loaded with carbs and calories, ordering is not an option.

Bodybuilders learn early on that the only way they can fuel their workouts and build their muscles is to prepare their meals themselves.

This doesn’t just save them on the calories; it also saves them plenty of money in the long run.

The best part about this is that once you get into the habit of eating healthy with your bodybuilder husband, you’ll also learn to start making healthier food options for yourself.

The Bad

Bodybuilders are picky eaters

Because bodybuilders know food, they can’t help but become picky eaters when they’re preparing for a competition.

They will develop the discipline and resilience to avoid food that would sabotage their fitness goals.

Once you start sharing a home with a bodybuilder, you’ll realize just how important food is in building muscles.

This means you’ll also have to get used to eating lots of protein and vegetables if you want to support your husband’s lifestyle choices.

Say goodbye to desserts, wine, and all the good stuff that you usually have on date night because your bodybuilder husband won’t be able to eat any of those for the meantime.

Bodybuilders are prone to mood swings

Because of their raging hormones, coupled in with dietary changes, bodybuilders can turn into muscular divas overnight.

They will have moments when they’re packed with so much rage and will have moments when they’re just angels.

The mood swings can go from 0 to 10 in just a few hours so make sure that you’re prepared when this happens.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a moody, hungry husband is to walk away from the scene and wait until he calms down.

Keep in mind that it’s not his fault because physiological changes are happening in his body causes this sudden change in mood. It’s not personal; it’s just physical.

Bodybuilders spend a lot of time working out

Once the preparation starts, you’ll have to get used to your husband spending most of his time in the gym.

There will be no dinners out or nights in because he will spend every waking moment getting ready for the big day.

When they do decide to stay at home, it will be either to catch up on sleep or have lots of sex with you.

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You can opt to go with the flow, enjoy the ride, or fight it out because there’s no telling what they want when their testosterone levels are on overdrive.

The good news is because your husband is so focused on preparing for the competition, the last thing he’ll think of doing is cheating on you.

The Ugly

Bodybuilders eat a lot!

Expect to purchase lots of food for your bodybuilder husband during bodybuilding competition season.

We’re not just talking about an increase of a couple of dollars on your food bill, but vast amounts of tuna, chicken breasts, eggs, and spinach.

Because most bodybuilders opt to eat multiple small meals instead of the three major meals throughout the day, you’ll be spending more meal prep time in the kitchen than usual.

If you’re prepping meals in advance, you’ll have to clean up after your husband every couple of hours.

Even though your bodybuilder husband is eating a lot, it’s usually boiled or dry grilled food that lacks flavor.

You’ll hate eating the same meals with him.

Bodybuilders can be quite vain

You’ll be amazed by how arrogant your big muscular husband will get once they start to see all their hard work pays off.

At some point, you’ll walk into your bedroom and find your bodybuilder spouse posing in front of the mirror.

Make sure to resist the urge to laugh at him when this happens or else, you might end up hurting your bodybuilder’s feelings.

As bodybuilders compete for the prize of having the best bodies to show off, you might be asked to do some tasks that you never imagined your husband would ask from you like helping him shave some hard to reach places before competition day.

Of course, don’t forget all those tanning sprays and lotions!

Bodybuilders become very self-centered leading up to a competition

Your bodybuilder spouse will switch to “Me, Myself, and I” mode a few weeks leading to competition.

All he will want to do is talk about himself to the point that it will already sicken you to your stomach.

But try not to take it against your husband, especially if you don’t know him to be self-centered on regular days.

For most bodybuilders, the most stressful time would be the few days before a competition.

They want to make sure that their hard work won’t go to waste so it will seem like all they want to do talk about themselves.

But try to read between the lines, and you’ll realize that they’re just really focused on preparing the best they can be to get that win.

As a future wife of a bodybuilder, your instinct might say to call it quits. But don’t throw in the towel just yet!

When everything’s said and done, seeing your spouse posing onstage during competition day is enough to make you realize that it’s all worth it.

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