Female Muscle Growth Stories

Female Muscle Growth Stories: Before and After Results

If there’s one thing that pleases me more than anything else, it’s hearing the female muscle growth stories that either drop into my inbox or are posted through my site.

My main aim was always to help people achieve their goals—but sometimes articles are posted on the web, and I never know whether guys and girls have received any benefits.

That’s why—when I hear that I’ve turned people’s lives around—it gives me satisfaction, knowing my efforts are paying off.

To show you what I mean, I’ve put together a few of my favorite female muscle growth stories that I’ve received over the past few months.

These are genuine testimonials from women who have used my Definitive Guide to Build Muscle and are so impressed with their results that they just had to share them with me.

The names have been abbreviated to protect anonymity, and I’ve abridged the stories to keep this article reasonably short.

My Favorite Female Muscle Growth Stories from Women Using the Definitive Guide to Female Muscle Growth

Sally H.—Alabama, USA

Sally had tried it all—diets promising the world, intense cardio workouts, and “magic” weight loss pills—but she never witnessed any real results.

Even when Sally did manage to drop several pounds, they piled back on again soon after the regime finished.

After using the Definitive Guide to Female Muscle Growth for 14 weeks, she lost fat and gained muscle.

Sally - Female Growth Stories

“It’s been life-changing! Thank you so much!… Not only do I feel great and have more energy than ever before, but I also look amazing…..It was so simple. I did have to knuckle down and commit to the exercises and the food plans, but it was so worth it. 

To be fair, after a couple of weeks, it just became part of my life….and I’ve kept up with the training. I’ve managed to up the weights on every exercise and looking to gain another 2-3 pounds of muscle.” 

Chardonnay-Louise K.—Maryland, USA

Exercising was nothing new to Chardonnay.

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She was a keen HIIT (high-intensity interval training) enthusiast, together with being a frequent fun runner.

The problem was, although she was slim, she was “skinny fat”—lacking definition and tone.

After eight weeks on the female muscle growth plan, her body was looking awesome.

This is one of my favorite muscle growth stories—illustrating that cardio and bodybuilding are different beasts.

Chardonnay-Louise K.

“After the birth of my second child, I exercised hard to tone up… but after six months of HIIT and CrossFit, I wasn’t seeing the results I so darn wanted. It was purely by chance that my podiatrist mentioned your female workout program… and I haven’t looked back!!

For so long, I believed that lifting weights was purely for guys! Duh! How freakin’ wrong was I? I was already a member of my local gym but was sticking to the treadmill and elliptical like gum… After reading your article, I took the plunge, and moved onto the weights, cables, and bench—it’s been a lifesaver. 

After 2-3 weeks or so, I saw visible results—my girlfriends were becoming jealous! The turkey wings have gone, and now I have fantastic arms… and my quads are so phenomenal I’m wearing shorts as often as possible! 

Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve shared your weekly training workout with the other girls at the gym!” 

Saskia van T.—IJsselstein, The Netherlands

It was the prospect of an upcoming vacation, just a couple of months away, which tempted Saskia to try the Definitive Guide to Female Muscle Growth.

Knowing that she was going to be bikini-clad for two weeks on the sunny beaches of Spain’s Costa del Sol, she needed to tone up and get the beach body she desired.

Saskia committed to working out for the following eight weeks.

“Being very much body conscious, I wanted to tighten up my thighs, bum, and tummy. But as I’m so shy about my figure, I was worried that if I attended the gym, people would laugh and point… so instead, I used the home bodyweight workout in conjunction with the daily food guides. 

Your instructions were so easy to follow! I love the way you broke the exercises down, so I knew exactly what to do! I kept the page open on my tablet for the first few days and just kept double-checking to see if I was doing it right… but soon, I knew it off by heart! 

I’m now so proud of myself and looking forward to wearing my bikini in a couple of weeks. I’ve sent you a couple of pics to show you. I might even be brave and try the gym next! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

Catrina R.—West Yorkshire, UK

Fed up with her boyfriend disappearing to the gym every evening—Catrina decided to beat him at his own game.

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After a quick search online, she came across the Definitive Guide to Female Muscle Growth, printed off a copy, and joined the gym too.

Her aim was simple—to prove that she could match her guy for definition.

Not only did she achieve this, but she also claims to have better abdominals than him now!

Catrina R.

“So, I followed the key steps you said would create impressive muscle—exercise, diet, and supplementation…and you were right! 

Admittedly, I added a couple of more bicep exercises as I was after some serious growth, and I had to adjust some of the meals (I hate fish!)—but look at me! 

Never in my 45 years have I had muscle…if only I knew before how simple it was! Eight weeks and I look like a goddess!! 

Took your advice and supplemented it with whey and creatine—even got the boyfriend hooked too! We now enjoy going to the gym together and try to outdo each other on the reps. 

One last thing!! I lost body fat as a consequence without even trying! A bonus to all the awesome muscle I have. You’re now my favorite person!” 

Rounding Up

I hope you enjoyed reading these female muscle growth stories as much as I gained pleasure in receiving them.

To experience the same results, give the Definitive Guide to Female Muscle Growth a try for eight weeks.

Then, once you’ve discovered the amazing benefits it provides, drop me a line or a photo!

You could even be featured here if you want!

If not, say, but still, please let me know how it goes or leave a comment below—so others can gain inspiration from your results!

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