In the times of social media, it is impossible to miss the daily “fit body” catalogs that are served to you every day through various posts on social networking websites.

However, countless attempts later, when you look into the mirror, that desirable muscle mass is yet to fill your body! Well, the days of sighs and disappointed looks are gone because with a smart step, you will be able to get the perfect body that you have always wanted.

What Is Equipoise?

Developed and patented by the sub-brand of Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, Ciba, Equipoise is an anabolic steroid. Though this chemical is known to people as Equipoise to make it easy for the tongue to handle, its scientific name is Boldenone Undecylenate. (1, 2)

It is known widely as a veterinarian steroid, famous for its use on horses and increasing their body weight, hence, getting its name “Equipoise.” Though it doesn't work on everyone the same, it works well for many athletes and bodybuilders as a performance-enhancing option by increasing their muscle mass.

Equipoise is an altered form of testosterone, with a slight change in an added double bond at the carbon. (3) It reduces the androgenic and estrogenic nature of the human body to a great level, promoting the growth of muscle mass.

Equipoise is a very versatile compound, which means that we can create a variety of drug combinations from it, depending on your desired result. The end result should be focused on the fantastic gain of muscle mass that is here to stay!

Our aim should be to get the most positive outcomes for your body with the least side effects. Equipoise is also well acclaimed for increasing body strength. This increase is highly beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders as it enhances their muscular endurance.

Now that we have discussed the basics of this steroid, it might appear like quite a bargain, especially for a bodybuilder looking for an option that builds their muscle mass without any side effects.


Here comes the disclaimer. The moment you saw the word “steroid”, you knew you would stumble upon this warning in the article. It is our responsibility to inform you about the issue at hand.

Since Equipoise is a steroid, it is not suitable for everyone. It is advised to take the doses under proper supervision and only by those who are fit enough for this external element entering your body, for example, bodybuilders.

Don't rush into things and read till the end to find out if you are eligible to try out these steroids!


After discussing the disclaimer, you might be in a frenzy. Don't worry, with proper use and controlled dosage of Equipoise, you can stay safe and obtain good results for your muscle mass.

When you decide to take up Equipoise, it is extremely crucial to follow a proper Equipoise cycle. This cycle means the duration for which you take a dose of this steroid to match your needs.

An Equipoise cycle is the representation of one of the most well-tolerated anabolic steroids cycles anyone can implement in their lives. The Equipoise cycle can prove to be quite powerful.

With that idea in mind, it is important to study different Equipoise cycles for details about the use and level of experience of the user.

The equipoise test cycle is a cycle that will help you determine the type of cycle that will suit your needs. No two bodies work alike, and a dosage that works for you might prove to be dangerous or completely ineffective for others.

Thus, studying your body and its compatibility with the steroid first is a good idea. In the test cycle, you basically test out what amount and duration of dosage might suit your body the best.

The Equipoise Bulking cycle is an offseason cycle designed for bulking. It is not considered to be very powerful, but with proper measures and incentives, it can have quite an impact on your muscle mass and body strength.

For some users, it is important to remember that a significant gain in size and shape may not be their top priority. If that is the case for you, too, then you have come to the right place because the Equipoise bulking cycle will do just that for you.

Total mass is controlled by the amount of your food intake, so a proper plan is to be curated to get the best results out of this cycle.

Equipoise Cutting cycles are the representation of a fantastic steroid plan that will provide you with a lean mass and a fabulous figure.

The pros of this cycle are that with the addition of Anavar with Equipoise, the user will discover that their body feels more firm and solid with time, giving them a desirable appearance. Now that's a look we all daydream about every day.

Irrespective of your experience with anabolic supplements, a healthy male population will be able to easily implement Equipoise cutting cycles into their fitness and health regime. This addition proves to be highly beneficial for sportspersons like athletes and bodybuilders as it improves your body strength and aids in the enhancement of physical performance.

A level 2 Equipoise cutting cycle is one that truly displays an advanced plan of steroids. For all the beginners out there new to the world of steroids, this cycle is not for you. Even for the veterans of steroid usage, the level 2 Equipoise cutting cycle may seem more than what they require.

This cycle has been designed for people who wish to pursue bodybuilding competitively and for those who dream to obtain a similar body as the competitive bodybuilders.

It is very important to understand your physical needs first before you opt for a cycle. See what you wish to gain from this steroid treatment, study the side effects, and pick the cycle that fits best for you and your level of experience. Good luck! We know you will make the right choice.


Equipoise has proved to be an excellent compound for the addition of lean mass and body strength, as it carries an anabolic strength exactly similar to testosterone itself.

Every steroid has the possibility of carrying side effects as well as great benefits, but what matters the most is that they are taken with the necessary precautions.

As discussed in the topic of Equipoise cycles, it is of the utmost importance to decide your dosage based on your level of experience. Different individuals require different dosages depending on their requirements and daily lifestyle.

For a newbie in the world of steroids, solid Equipoise dosages will be found in the quantity of 300 mg to 500 mg on a weekly basis. It is so because, for a beginner, it is always safe to try out the steroid on a level that their body can handle easily without any overwhelming consequences.

For an intermediate user of Equipoise, best results could be extracted from the dose range of 500 mg to 700 mg weekly with no requirement of venturing any higher than 500 mg of dosage in the majority of the cycle set in prior, this is especially when Equipoise is stacked with another anabolic steroid.

This range of dosage will ensure a fantastic muscle gain, and the progress will be evident throughout your body.

Even the experienced users don't attempt to venture really high when it comes to a steroid-like Equipoise. For an advanced user, we would advise a range of 700 mg to 1,000 mg weekly.

It is to be kept in mind always that a high dosage is not the definition of an advanced anabolic steroid user. Though Equipoise is equipped with a low affinity for aromatization, an increased dosage may lead to multiple side effects.

Women are also prominent users of this steroid.

For the female users, we will find that an adequate dosage of Equipoise lies in the range of 50 mg to 75 mg, way less than that of the male users.

This is because female users are to be careful with the characteristics of Equipoise’s very long window of release and long half-life. Their presence in the body can result in issues in managing the blood plasma level of the hormones.

Since females are already victims of hormonal changes more than male users, it is advised that they take a smaller amount of dosage in comparison to their male counterparts.


You may wonder, “what is a stack?” That is a good question, and we are here to satisfy your curiosity.

Stacking refers to when you accompany a particular steroid, in this case, Equipoise, with another set of steroids.

We know how Equipoise helps improve the physical performance of the athletes and helps bodybuilders gain good quality muscle mass.

Thus, a significant majority of athletes prefer to stack their Equipoise with compounds like Testosterone Cypionate, Anadrol, Testosterone Enanthate, Sustanon 250, Winstrol (Stanozolol), and Testosterone Propionate.


The results of Equipoise effects might be slow, but it is steady and greatly exhibits reduced estrogenic activities in the body, which allows the user to experience a good pace of muscle mass gain without any additional water weight, something that is usually accompanied by testosterone steroids.

The users of Equipoise will witness the same anabolic size, Equipoise gain, and strength that would have been a result of testosterone with a lower incidence of estrogenic activities and androgenic side effects.


As if we haven't sung praises for the steroid enough already, here comes the main benefits of Equipoise that will help you build the perfect body you wish for.

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1. Muscle Building

The dosage of Equipoise increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis in our body, just like testosterone does.

If you were unaware of this little fact, let us enlighten you; muscle proteins are also known as the building blocks of bodybuilding.

With proper physical training and with the proper use of Equipoise, you can experience a gain of lean muscle. For male users who wish to have a body that is lean without the fear of looking too bulky, this might be the golden ticket for you.

2. Low Estrogenic Activity

Hate to say it like this, but estrogen doesn't meet eye to eye with bodybuilding, as estrogen can result in fat gain and undesirable feminine body features like breasts in men.

With Equipoise, you make a wise choice as it turns estrogen at about 45% of the rate of testosterone. So, if you do take up Equipoise, you don't have to worry about waking up one day and witnessing a pair of man boobs. No one wants that.

3. Cutting

Equipoise is an ideal type of steroid for cutting. During the cutting time periods, we are required to utilize more calories than what we intake so that the fat content drops greatly.

With Equipoise, you make sure that your muscle mass is preserved and the body is established in a negative calorie state. This means that your body gave up fat but kept the fat that is considered the good fat intact. That's double the gain! What a pun!

Side Effects

After discussing the benefits of Equipoise, it is only fair we come to the tough part, the side effects. Just as every coin has two sides, Equipoise, too, in spite of all its benefits, has its own share of side effects. (3, 4, 5)

1. Androgenic

Due to the androgenic side effects of Equipoise, the affected user may experience conditions like acne, excess body hair growth, accelerated hair loss, and male pattern baldness.

As for the women users, they might acquire virilization symptoms like deepening of the voice tone, body hair growth, and clitoral enlargement. These side effects are associated with the level of testosterone that is now equipped in their bodies, providing them with male-like features.

If such symptoms begin to appear, it is advised to discontinue the dosage immediately so that the effect of the condition can fade off in its initial stage itself. Never ignore such signs and leave them untreated, as they can often create irreversible consequences for your health.

2. Cardiovascular

Though the strain developed on your heart by Equipoise is way less than that by oral steroids, it still carries the negative ability to affect your cholesterol level and ratio, especially its ability to control HDL levels.

The good news here is that this effect might not be of an extreme nature and can be prevented easily with suitable precautions taken on time.

As discussed multiple times, it is very important to keep your mind open when taking Equipoise, especially on your cholesterol level, and make sure that you are healthy enough to continue your Equipoise dosage.

3. Testosterone

Mirroring the function of all anabolic steroids, Equipoise suppresses your natural production of testosterone. (3, 6, 7)

This would lead to low testosterone spread across the body, which can prove to be problematic as it carries many symptoms and can result in a very unhealthy state of the body.

Though Equipoise possesses a lower testosterone suppression threat than other steroids, it should still be taken with proper care.

4. Estrogenic

A high level of estrogen in the body can create problems like Gynecomastia, high blood pressure, and water retention if the condition becomes severe. To fight against the side effects created by the estrogenic compound Equipoise, anti-estrogen medications might help. (3)

Though it carries some side effects, most healthy individuals taking a small dosage should be able to tolerate its effects easily.

Before and After

You might have come across before and after pictures of various transformations, be it makeup that completely changes a person to a complete makeover from head to toe.

Just like that, Equipoise carries a strong before and after imagery with itself.

The body of the users before the use of Equipoise was found to be unfit, with an extra tummy hanging from their body. The skin was loose, and features like these can often steal our self-confidence.

But in the after scenery, they were blessed with a body that they always wanted; the presence of muscles, a strong body with tight skin, and a flattering appearance.

Who Should Use Equipoise

The most significant use of Equipoise is practiced by bodybuilders and athletes to help them build and maintain their lean muscles as well as to aid them in building body strength that will help them perform better and sustain the intensity of the physical stress better.

As Equipoise provides you with a firm, fit, and solid body, it is popular among bodybuilders or people who wish to have a body like a bodybuilder.

The suitable dosage for a competitive bodybuilder of Equipoise ranges from 200mg to 600mg per week and the cycle of 8-12 weeks, which can be stretched depending on how your body responds to the steroid.

Due to the excellent half-life of equipoise, you are required to take your dose injection once in two weeks. Isn’t that wonderful?

Who Should Not Use It

Steroids should only be taken if your body has the tolerance to handle them.

It comes without a question that children, women who are pregnant or expecting to be pregnant, and breastfeeding mothers should never take Equipoise as it could come with dangerous outcomes.

People who are under medications for severe health conditions like testicular cancer, kidneys and liver damage, prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc., are advised to avoid these doses to keep themselves safe from any fatal consequences.

Even if you don't belong to the above-mentioned categories, you might still witness severe side effects that affect your life. It is because everyone has a body that works differently, and the tolerance level of humans varies from person to person.

Thus, if you are experiencing severe side effects, it is suggested to discontinue the dosage immediately and seek medical attention.

Equipoise stays in your system for 2 years, which could come up in your dope test, spoiling all your years of hard work. Thus, if you are an athlete who is going to appear for a drug test, it is advised not to make use of Equipoise.

Stay safe and stay alert while trying a new steroid so that you don't end up damaging your precious life. It is about time we start working smart.

Equipoise for Sale

In this technology-driven world, it has become easier to get a hold of your Equipoise dosage through online steroid vendor stocks.

However, it is of major importance that you purchase it from places that consider this steroid legal. Try ordering this steroid from a country like Canada or the UK that has established the possession and personal use of Equipoise as legal.

By involving your doctor or trainer in the process of acquiring the steroids, you set yourself in a safer zone without having to worry about breaking the law.

While buying Equipoise, it is essential to note the reputation and level of experience of your vendor to ensure that the product that they are selling you is 100% safe and legal and won’t come with any defects or fraud.

It is also worth noting that Equipoise is quite affordable. Steroids are often quite expensive and create a considerable hole in our pockets, but Equipoise establishes itself as an effective steroid with a relevantly low price.


While reading the article, you must be scratching your head in wonder over the topics you might still not be thorough with. We know it could be a little tough on the brain cells to grasp everything together.

But get that frown off your face because now, we will be going through a variety of frequently asked questions that will light up that bulb over your head and widen your horizon of Equipoise knowledge.

1. Equipoise vs. Deca

Deca Durabolin is characterized by a low rate of aromatization that establishes it as an ideal alternative for bodybuilders and athletes who might be prone to catching the side effect of the estrogenic nature of steroids. (8)

Deca Durabolin is more suitable for a longer steroids cycle and is stacked with Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, Anadrol, Sustanon 250, Testosterone Cypionate, and Dianabol.

Meanwhile, Equipoise is an excellent pre-contract drug that promotes greater pumping of blood throughout, which is necessary during an intense workout session.

While different steroids work differently from person to person, there are various aspects with regards to which Equipoise and Deca Durabolin excel over each other.

In terms of retention of muscle mass and increased body strength, Deca Durabolin wins over Equipoise.

To protect the body from excess estrogens, the users of the Deca Durabolin steroids should always follow the regime of carrying out a post-cycle therapy accompanied by drugs like Clomid, Arimidex, and Nolvadex.

Although, aside from the advantages, the users of Deca should be aware of the fact that it resides in your body for a longer duration of time, estimated to be approximately 2 years, and is, therefore, not advised to be taken by athletes who have to undergo drug tests frequently.

When it comes to the power of Equipoise over Deca, we see that experienced athletes and bodybuilders prefer this over Deca. These are the sportspersons who are satisfied with the moderate increase in muscle mass and body strength.

Both the steroids carry with them a different set of side effects and thus, should be studied well before their usage. It is seen that while Equipoise is ideal for cutting cycles, Deca is more suitable for bulking cycles.

As discussed before, Equipoise works slowly with its effects on your body, but the progress is steady and equipped with a few estrogenic side effects. What puts Equipoise over Deca is the fact that it promotes the production of red blood cells and acts as a helping hand in stimulating the appetite.

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2. Equipoise vs. Test

It is safe and sound to assume that Equipoise is half as estrogenic, muscle gaining, and androgenic than Testosterone. So, if the Equipoise profile is 1000mg, it would convert to as much as 500mg of Testosterone.

3. Is Equipoise Legal?

Here we go, a very crucial question hits us again. Health and muscle mass building are important, but we can't meddle with the law for that sake, now can we?

Though a steroid, it isn't just used as a bodybuilding incentive. It is even used clinically for treating a handful of health conditions. Doctors may prescribe Equipoise to aid patients suffering from certain types of Anemia.

Since Equipoise increases the testosterone content in our body, it is even prescribed to men who are unable to produce enough testosterone naturally. Thus,  Equipoise has multiple medical uses.

It is to be noted that doctors won't prescribe such steroids to people who are fit and healthy and could use an alternative of Equipoise for the purpose of building muscles. Thus, if your doctor has not prescribed you the necessary compound of Equipoise, it would be considered illegal for medical use.

In the United States, Equipoise has been classified as a Schedule III drug under the Controlled Substances Act. It would be considered a felony if you possess and use the Equipoise without a valid, official prescription from a medical institution.

Move a little above the States on the globe now, and let's discuss the legality of that nation. Yes, we are talking about Canada. In Canada, Equipoise is considered under the Schedule IV drug.

Possession of this steroid and personal use of it without carrying a verified prescription from a physician is not considered a felony and is completely legal, though trafficking of the substance is considered a felony, and we hope you won't get yourself in that trouble. Stay safe, kids!

Now we fly to be land of Europe and land of the Union Jack to discover their laws against Equipoise. In the United Kingdom, the steroid falls under the category of Schedule IV. Mirroring the laws of Canada, the possession and personal use of Equipoise without a proper prescription is not considered a felony, so consider yourself lucky, the UK! (9, 10, 11)

4. Does Equipoise Increase Testosterone?

Equipoise aims to increase the level of testosterone to ensure a better build body and gain muscle mass at a slow and steady pace.

The irony lies here!

While using Equipoise to artificially increase your testosterone level, your natural production of testosterone will drastically fall down. There have been countless studies on this issue to demonstrate how bodybuilders struggled with testosterone suppression after taking a dosage of Equipoise. (3)

No evidence means it didn't happen. But we have the studies available for you so that you aren't misguided and make your choices wisely.

Researchers discovered that injecting Equipoise into male rabbits resulted in the suppression of testosterone production, and in another study, the level of estradiol increased. (3, 6) Don't open your dictionaries yet, it simply means that the estrogen compound in the body of the users of Equipoise increased significantly.

That's the talk about the animals, but what about humans? Our bodies are way different from the animals, right? It was witnessed that male users of Equipoise experienced a low level of serum leptin concentration.

But each body works differently. What might be harmful to one might work for the next person. Never take someone else's words about the magical benefits of steroids and try it on yourself without prior research if you don't wish to face consequences later.

Let's keep ourselves aware and safe, shall we? With that explained, let's move on to the next question in pandora's box of queries. (12)

5. Equipoise for Women

When we said Equipoise is used by bodybuilders, we hope you didn't assume it was for male bodybuilders only, we can't leave our lovely ladies behind.

Since testosterone is the hormonal compound of the male body, it can get tough for female bodybuilders and athletes to gain muscle mass as quickly as their male counterparts.

Thus, taking Equipoise might prove to be useful for them. Since the negative effect of testosterone suppression won't be applicable to women, they are less prone to misuse the steroid and might face a different set of side effects.

Unlike the males who experience natural testosterone suppression after the dosage, the female users might suffer from masculinization due to the increase in testosterone in their bodies. Subsequently, this might result in breast size reduction and a decrease in body fat.

The purpose isn't to scare you but to inform you. With side effects comes many benefits as well, thus, make sure you pick the steroids well. (13)

6. Is Equipoise Good for Bulking?

Equipoise is an offseason bulking steroid, meaning it can add quality lean muscle mass gain. Some athletes found that when Equipoise is added to a total offseason stack instead of using it as a base steroid, it gave them better, stronger results.

If you experience issues with appetite suppression, Equipoise will help you intake excess calories required for the offseason growth. The growth is slow and gradual but steady enough to show great results in the future.

Through this, we can conclude that Equipoise is good for bulking. Well, now you know which cabinet to open when you wish for a strong offseason growth.

One more query solved, let's take this quest of knowledge forward. (14)

7. Is Boldenone the Same as Equipoise?

Names are confusing, aren't they? When you meet multiple people at once, you experience this chaos in your head to match the name to the face. As if we didn't have enough things to remember!

In the case of scientific compounds and other elements, everything is accompanied by a scientific name that is no less than a tongue twister.

Many might confuse Equipoise and Boldenone as being two different entities. If you are one of those individuals who have a hard time distinguishing between these two, worry no more, all your answers lie right here.

Boldenone, better known by its full scientific name as Boldenone Undecylenate, is a testosterone service anabolic androgenic steroid.

Meanwhile, it gets tough to call it by its scientific name due to the complexity of pronunciation and the length of the term, it is famously known as Equipoise, which is actually the trade name given to it by Squibb in the 1970s.

We hope you won't mess with that anymore. Use whichever word suits you, no matter at all! (1)

8. What Is the Half-Life of Equipoise?

It is found that the half-life of Equipoise is estimated to be approximately 14 days. For the substance to get cleared from your body system, it takes about a period of 6 weeks time.

Like many steroids, it is observed that Boldenone Undecylenate will persist in your system for 2 years.

Thus, if you are an athlete or bodybuilder or any sort of sportsperson for that matter, who is subjected to be tested for a dope test, it is better not to take the steroid in that period of time to avoid consequences.

9. Is Equipoise a DHT?

The androgenic side effects of Equipoise are milder than that of testosterone.

Though Boldenone Undecylenate interacts with 5AR (5-Alpha-reductase), an enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into stronger androgen DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), it doesn't convert into DHT and instead converts into DHB (Dihydrotestosterone).

Though this testosterone is converted to DHB, the rate at which the testosterone is converted into DHT is still more powerful and faster than its conversion into DHB, which is the cause of possible androgenic side effects in male users.

With the use of such big words that are impossible to read right in the first attempt, we conclude the questions! We hope you were able to shine your brain's light bulbs bright with these answers. All the science talk can be a little too much to take, we don't blame you!

How Does Equipoise Compare to Turinabol in Terms of Effectiveness and Safety?

When comparing Equipoise and Turinabol in terms of effectiveness and safety, it is important to consider individual goals and medical history. While Equipoise is known for lean muscle gains and minimal side effects, Turinabol is praised for its versatility and low androgenic activity. For a comprehensive comparison, consult a supreme turinabol tbol guide.

Natural Alternatives to Equipoise

Keeping an alternative is always a good option. While some steroids can be harmful to our bodies many times with their side effects, there's a golden option to switch to a more natural supplement choice to solve your health-related issues and help you build that desirable body to swoon upon.

One such natural alternative to Equipoise is CrazyBulk (Buy 2, Get 1 Free). CrazyBulk is a brand that will provide you with three varieties of steroid cycle supplements; bulking, cutting, and strength cycles.

These supplements are 100% legal steroids, so you don't have to break a sweat about the possession of these steroids and getting accused of a felony. These are hard-core bodybuilding supplements that are ideal for all the bodybuilders out there looking for a way to increase their muscle mass.

They are 100% natural, and when the word natural is associated with something, you know they ought to carry way fewer side effects than any artificial steroid, so that's one jackpot! Another icing on the cake comes to our palette when we find that it has no side effects as well!

You don't require to pierce your body with yet another needle anymore as they are easy to consume tablet form of steroid. So save yourself from the sharp pain of getting injected and pop a pill in your mouth, and you are good to go, my friend.

The results of these steroids are fast. It promises to transform your body in just a period of 30-days. Now that's impressive. (15)


After going through all the aspects of Equipoise, it is safe to say that it is a steroid that carries heavy significance and benefits if you dream of gaining a firm body with solid muscle mass.

With a few side effects associated with it, Equipoise becomes a steroid that, if taken with proper care, can fetch slow yet steady results in your life as well as your body.

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