Trenorol: Legal Trenbolone Alternative (Build Muscle, Shred Fat)

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First off, you should know that Trenorol is the legal and safe alternative to Trenbolone (a steroid).

Here are some of the key benefits that you can get from this product:

  • It improves the rate of protein synthesis.
  • It Boosts the body’s red blood cells (RBC) count.
  • Increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food we eat.

Simply put, it is a product that rivals the best when it comes to helping the body build some serious muscle. It helps to reduce the amount of fatigue that you experience, especially after some intense workouts.

Trenorol also helps to reduce the body’s cortisol levels. Now, as we all know, cortisol is that bodily hormone that induces stress.

That is why we call it the “stress hormone.” Cortisol causes fat gain, which is what we’re trying to avoid in the first place.

This product also helps increase the amount of nitrogen that goes into the muscles. Remember that nitrogen is one of the main building blocks of every muscle in your body.

That and the increased protein synthesis equals faster and more efficient muscle building.

From my personal experience, I felt that I was more explosive in my performance at the gym. That was not long after I started taking this product. After some time, I was lifting heavier and heavier.

It helped reduce the amount of fatigue. I don’t feel as tired as I used to before I started taking Trenorol. My secret is that I take it around 45 minutes before I start working out.

That allows my body to digest it and make its nutrients available in my system during workout sessions. And yes, it’s a tremendous pre-workout pill, and it needs to be combined with a high-calorie diet.

All of a sudden, I feel a significant improvement in my endurance. There were days when I felt like I could go on longer.

But of course, I stopped when I had to – you still have to train smart. This thing is not a magic pill, after all.

Besides, you can enjoy other benefits such as reduced fatigue, which allows you to work out for more extended periods, enhanced metabolic activity that makes you burn more fat, and increased strength levels.

Trenorol Features — Updated in December 2022

💲 PriceFrom $64.99/bottle
📅 Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
✔️ Is Trenorol legal?Yes
🖥 Ingredients4
✈️ Is the order shipped discreetly in a plain package?Yes
🛠 SupportEmail, Phone & Live Chat

✔ Pros

  • Reduces cortisol levels
  • Improves nutrient efficiency
  • Helps the body to preserve muscle and burn fat
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Enhances protein synthesis

✘ Cons

  • The price – it is no secret that Trenorol is expensive. However, you can consider it an investment in your health.
  • Another downside that you should know about is the fact that you can only buy it from the distributor’s official website.

Who Should Take Trenorol

First off, Trenorol is highly recommended for anyone who wants to have rapid muscle gains.


If you’re training for an upcoming competition, then you might want to consider taking Trenorol.

This product is specially designed for people who aren’t looking for shortcuts. You can’t be lazy and take this product, or else you won’t get the results that you want to get.

Remember that Trenorol is not a superman pill that gives you instant muscles. It works in conjunction with your training and diet. That means you still need to work your ass off.

However, just like I have experienced, you should work harder – and you will feel that you will want to work out in the gym some more eventually. I recommend that when you find that, you slowly turn things up a notch.

Adjust your training routine slowly – increasing the number of repetitions, increasing the number of weights you lift, and adding more routines gradually.

You don’t want to push yourself too hard, too fast. That’s not how this product goes. It supports your body’s metabolism, but it doesn’t make you Mr. Incredible overnight.

Who Should Not Take It

Are there people who should not take this product?

The sad answer is yes. This is not a product for everyone. You might want to reconsider taking this product if you have any of the following:

  • You should first seek proper medical advice before taking this product. If you have any pre-existing medical condition (like rising blood pressure or a heart condition), please see your doctor before taking this product. If you are taking medications or other steroids, then you should first consult with your doctor.
  • If you are 18 years old or maybe younger, then you should not take this product as it might disrupt your body’s natural growth process.
  • This is not the product for you if you haven’t made any healthy adjustments to your diet. You should be able to commit to a healthy diet and severe lifestyle changes.
  • Trenorol is not a product for people who do not intend to work out. It is to be used along with a workout and bodybuilding plan or routine in the gym.
  • If you are here on this page to look for Trenbolone, then please, with all due respect, hit that back button.

How Does It Work

Now, let’s have a quick look at the science behind this legal bodybuilding steroid. This is basically what it does to your body after taking it many times.

1. It increases the flow of oxygen that goes into your muscles

The red blood cells (RBC) are responsible for carrying the necessary oxygen to your body’s tissues and muscles (1). Everything in our body needs oxygen – including your brain.

The muscles especially need that oxygen so they can function and grow properly (2). By increasing the flow, your body gets more oxygen than it used to.

This, in turn, will make your muscles a lot stronger. And, of course, stronger muscles tend to grow faster as well.

The better your muscles are oxygenated, the faster they repair those muscular tears that occur when you work out. And that facilitates a quicker growth rate.

2. Increases nitrogen retention in the muscles

One of the main benefits of taking Trenorol is that it increases the amount of nitrogen in the muscle tissues.

Now, how does nitrogen help build muscle? Here’s how.

Protein is essential when it comes to muscle building, right (3, 4, 5, 6, 7)? It serves as the building block of muscles. However, have you ever stopped to think about what proteins are built from?

What are the building blocks of protein? The answer is nitrogen. Nitrogen is the foundation of protein blocks, and without it, protein won’t be able to perform what it was designed to do.

Now, here’s the thing – you have seen it happen, right?

You’ve seen guys in the gym chug mug after mug of protein shakes and get little results. Well, some of them get no results at all.

They work their asses off just as much as the other fellow. They take as many protein supplements. But the thing that makes the difference is the amount of nitrogen that they are taking in.

If you do the math, then everything is straightforward. If you increase the amount of nitrogen retained in the muscles, and then you get more proteins, the result is tremendous muscle growth.

And that is basically how Trenorol works in a nutshell.


Here are the ingredients that you will see on the label of every Trenorol package. You will see the following included in the list:

  • Nettle Leaf Extract
  • Pepsin
  • Samento Inner Bark
  • Beta-Sitosterol

These are the main ingredients that you should be paying attention to. These are the ones that bring the benefits that you will enjoy when you take this product.

The excellent news about Trenorol is that they are very transparent about the ingredients they put into each bottle. They don’t use proprietary blends.

Simply put, they’re the good stuff, and the manufacturers want you to know what they are.

However, just like every package label ingredient, the names sound a bit alien. So, let’s try to explain what each one is and what they do.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf extract helps to increase strength and build muscle while preventing any gains in water weight.

What does that mean?

It means that your muscles will be brought out to the surface, not hiding behind the fatty tissue.

Nettle leaf extract helps to detoxify the body. It gently cleanses the body of toxins in critical organs of the body, such as the kidneys (8, 9).

Since the extract is rich in both iron and Vitamin C, it improves RBC production. Increased RBC production promotes enhanced cognitive function, relieves fatigue, and reduces muscle weakness and exhaustion.


Pepsin is an enzyme that helps to activate the growth of muscles. This is the ingredient that helps the body assimilate the protein that you take in. In short, it promotes protein absorption.

Combine that with increased protein intake, and you have supercharged your body’s muscle growth.

Samento Inner Bark

Samento inner bark extracts promote the fast recovery and repair of damaged muscle tissues. That enhances the growth of your muscles.

Apart from that, the nutrients from this ingredient improve the capacity of your body to handle bigger workloads. In a sense, you can train harder, and you recover faster.


This nutrient helps boost testosterone (10). It does that by preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It also helps reduce the production of bad cholesterol.

Trenorol is a highly rated legal steroid. It is recommended for bodybuilders and anyone serious about building muscle fast.

Side Effects

One of the reasons why bodybuilders are looking for alternatives to Trenbolone is the fact that it has some nasty side effects, which include the following: anxiety, excessive sweating, insomnia, high blood pressure, hair loss, and acne (11, 12, 13).

Those are some pretty big reasons, which is why some can’t take that supplement. However, the question is if Trenorol has the same side effects.

The good news is that this supplement doesn’t have any of these side effects. You see, Trenorol is made of natural ingredients, which is an excellent thing if you’re looking for a safe and natural alternative.

So, if you’ve used Trenbolone before and you have experienced one or two side effects, then you should switch to Trenorol now.

Before and After

I should say that Trenbolone used to be my favorite steroid as a young athlete and bodybuilder. I would have to admit that it did give me the results that I was looking for.

However, they were not long-term. I observed that after six months of use, especially when I discontinued using Trenbolone that whatever gains I had before slowly went away.

That means if you stop using it, then the bulk in your body vanishes. It doesn’t matter how much harder you train. The moment you stop, the effects and results disappear away in grades.

Now, on top of the loss of any gains I had (which is essentially a waste of money), I also experienced a few undesirable side effects.

The first sign was acne – I hadn’t had acne in over a decade, but then I suddenly had an outbreak after a couple of weeks of being on Trenbolone.

But that was just the first of the side effects that I got. At first, I thought that maybe I wasn’t washing my face correctly – or perhaps not at all.

So, what I did was to use over-the-counter topical acne treatments. I recovered, but the acne kept coming back from time to time, so that was an added inconvenience.

After some time, I noticed that I had more frequent hair fall than usual. Somewhere along the way, I noticed that I was sweating a lot more than usual.

I was already feeling strange – sluggish than usual after a few months. So I went to my doctor for a checkup. And that was about the time when I found out that I had elevated blood pressure.

That was the time when the doctor told me to stop taking Trenbolone and reduce the intensity of my workouts. I was also told to reduce my gym time extensively until my blood pressure goes back to normal.

I eventually found my way back to the doctor’s good graces. All of the side effects went away when I discontinued using Trenbolone. Unfortunately, all the muscle mass I gained went away as well.

So I just wasted my money.

I was skeptical when I heard about Trenorol because of my lousy experience with Trenbolone. The two sounded alike. A friend of mine convinced me to try it at least for a month.

Much to my surprise, the results I got were fantastic, minus the side effects that I feared would come along. I felt stronger. I was also regaining the figure and the ripped abs that I worked so hard for a few months ago.

How to Use

You should take three capsules of Trenorol around 45 minutes before your workout.

You should take it for a minimum of two months, but you will begin to see results as early as one month.

Price and Discounts

One bottle of Trenorol is good for 30 days, and it will cost you $64.99.

They also have another promotional offer – buy two bottles and get one bottle free. You get to pay $129.98 for all two bottles, and you also get one more bottle for free.

Where to Buy

As stated earlier, you can only purchase this product from the manufacturer’s official website.

You can’t get it from eBay or Amazon, or any other online retailer. Get your supply now!

Trenorol is an excellent option if you’re looking for an alternative to Trenbolone or other traditional bodybuilding steroids. It is healthy and all-natural, so you don’t get any side effects. Try it, order one today.