D-Bal Max: Legal Dianabol Alternative (for Rapid Muscle Gain)

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Steroids have extremely powerful effects. Not everybody is keen on using them for fear of health risks, though. They can’t be legally relied on as well. Thankfully, there’s a legal and safe way of using steroids now.

D-Bal Max, a natural supplement that works like a steroid but without the side effects, is now available to bodybuilders. It is a good substitute for Dianabol (D-bol).

It imitates the positive effects of Dianabol, considered the most effective steroid for mass building, to bring real and long-lasting results.

Besides, you can enjoy other benefits such as reduced fatigue, which allows you to work out for more extended periods, enhanced metabolic activity that makes you burn more fat, and increased strength levels.

D-Bal Max Features — Updated in December 2022

💲 PriceFrom 68.95/bottle
📅 Money-Back Guarantee67 Days
✔️ Is D-BAL Max legal?Yes
🖥 Ingredients3
✈️ Is the order shipped discreetly in a plain package?Yes
🛠 SupportEmail, Phone & Live Chat

✔ Pros

  • Contains all-natural ingredients in an all-natural formula
  • Its ingredients and results are backed by studies and clinical research
  • Safe and has no side effects associated with steroid intakes such as shrinking testicles, weight management issues, man-boobs, acne build-up, and all the other dangerous and disturbing negative effects
  • Boosts testosterone and IGF-1 hormone levels and thus promotes muscle growth and muscle cells regeneration
  • Initiates muscle repair quickly, so muscle recovery is fast
  • Increases strength and stamina. No more post-workout fatigue.
  • Produces the same positive effects as steroids but is safer and more affordable
  • Features a generous 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Results start to show in as little as a few weeks
  • The best legal alternative to Dianabol
  • Most importantly, it is made by a trusted source: Wolfson Brands (UK)

✘ Cons

  • This product is only available online
  • It is not safe for women to take this product
  • Results will only be effective if users workout regularly
  • The money-back-guarantee only covers the product’s value, not including shipping fees

What Is D-Bal Max?

Before anyone can understand what this product is, it’s important to know what an anabolic process is.


It’s the body’s metabolic process that promotes the building-up of tissues and organs (the opposite is called the catabolic process, which breaks down large molecules into smaller parts).

This makes D-Bal Max an anabolic agent. Considering the anabolic process is a natural bodily function, it’s crucial to replace or induce it through natural ways.

It’s great that this product is actually a natural supplement, an alternative, to be exact, formulated to increase muscle mass. It can get anybody sculpted the way they want to.

It can help anyone have a strong physique that they’ve always wanted. It can build muscles in no time. In a nutshell, this natural supplement can:

  • Rapidly increase muscle mass
  • Provide explosive workout strength
  • Help users have a turbo-charged workout performance

As a natural supplement, this product has been formulated to include ingredients that are scientifically proven effective, safe for human consumption, and legally accepted.

Its basic ingredients include a branched-chain amino acid complex (BCAA), whey complex, and plant-based natural steroid. This powerful combination ensures that this natural supplement can help anyone reach their fitness goals.

Aside from naturally supporting muscle growth, this supplement can help users to have high-energy and powerful workouts. This can help reduce stress and fatigue that are usually brought about by intense workouts.

Users can now experience more reps without getting tired easily. When this happens, users can see faster results which makes them want to work more towards their fitness goals.

As a personal bodybuilding booster, this supplement is packaged to look like real dynamite. Pills are encased in a red tube, and the packaging looks like a crate of dynamite.

It’s gimmicky but effective, making it easily one of the most attractive products in bodybuilding supplements today.

How D-Bal Max Works

The ingredients found in this product make it an effective supplement. Bodybuilders know that BCAAs – more on this later, have positive effects on training.

They are essential to the body, which means that they must be sourced from something natural because the human body cannot produce them. Together with the whey protein complex, they form the building blocks of muscle growth.

More importantly, D-Bal Max has a unique ingredient sourced from plant extracts that mimic the anabolic steroid effect of Dianabol.

Not only that, but D-Bal Max has also even been proven scientifically to be more effective than the said steroid. Not to worry, though. Unlike Dianabol with its numerous side effects, D-Bal Max has none because it is all-natural.

D-Bal Max’s contenders have long lists of ingredients.

However, the short but high-quality components of this product are more effective in giving its users the ability to build muscles faster, minimize fatigue, and maximize their gym performance.

Although there are muscle-building supplements that have herbal elements in them, they are not supported by clinical trials or scientific research.

Now, why is D-Bal Max effective compared to others?

Here’s why:

  • The body has a way of letting a person know that it’s already tired and can’t go on further. Lifting weights and working out intensely causes the body to release more of the hormone serotonin, which increases the feeling of exhaustion. This leads to fatigue.

Fatigue decreases energy levels and thus, stops bodybuilders from being able to lift heavyweights.

This product can minimize this effect. It prevents the body’s response to intense workouts and weightlifting by reducing the amount of serotonin that it produces.

This way, users will not experience a sudden drop in energy levels and are then able to achieve high performance in the gym.

  • The body also has a natural ability to grow muscles, and this is a secret that is used in this product. Testosterone, a male hormone, can cause rapid muscle gain when used or produced in high amounts. This may be a cause of worry for some, but it is safe. No matter what age, high levels of testosterone are proven helpful.

However, if this hormone is taken in an unnatural way, negative effects will start to show.

D-Bal Max is all-natural. It increases testosterone levels naturally, so users are sure that they will gain muscles and decrease body fat percentage.

  • The body also has the ability to repair worn muscles after intense gym time. Muscle fibers are broken down when bodybuilders lift weights. Protein synthesis in the body occurs after workouts in order for it to repair and build muscles back, making them larger than pre-workout.

Sadly, protein synthesis takes a long time to finish. This is one of the major reasons why building muscles take time. D-Bal Max can speed up this process.

Its formulation specifically enables users to gain muscles quickly. This allows the body to maximize the production of muscles.

  • Lastly, the body can create new muscle cells on its own. How? D-Bal Max can significantly increase the body’s IGF-1 levels.

It is a hormone in charge of the production of new muscle cells. An increase in muscle cells can boost strength and thus, enables users to lift more, heavier weights.

To learn more about D-Bal Max, visit their website.

Aside from the three previously-mentioned benefits above, here is the complete list of benefits:

Before buying this product, or any product, users should know all the pros and cons. Aside from that, they should know each ingredient and how it works. In this case, don’t just take this review’s words. Learn more about each key ingredient below.

D-Bal Max Ingredients

The most important consideration when choosing and buying supplements is the quality of ingredients.

It can help to know if all the ingredients are high quality and clinically proven. It’s also important to determine if each pill or capsule has the right amount of all its ingredients.

It’s crucial to know whether the ingredients are sufficiently provided in the product, so it can become effective.

Plus, if a supplement has more than one ingredient, all its components must work well together to bring results. All these factors must be considered when spending money on supplements.

D-Bal Max has all these characteristics. Here are its ingredients:

  • For muscle nutrition: The Whey Protein Complex

Whey protein is derived from whey, a by-product of cheese production.

It’s in a liquid form that consists of a mixture of isolated spherical proteins. In supplements, it is used to promote muscle sustenance and maintenance.


When working out or lifting weights, muscles use up protein at a higher rate compared to regular activities. Because of this, muscles need to be constantly supplied with protein.

For this reason, bodybuilders need to make sure that their muscles have enough supply of protein. Here is where the whey protein complex becomes helpful. It provides fuel for muscles to maximize and sustain muscle growth.

What’s more, various studies have shown that whey protein can preserve muscle and lose fat (study published in Nutrition and Metabolism journal, 2008), increase muscle strength and size (2007 study conducted at Baylor University in Waco, Texas), reduce hunger (based on Australian research in 2007), and help a person cope with stress better (research conducted in The Netherlands in 2000).

Whey is also known to fight cancer, as shown in a study from Montreal General Hospital by McGill University in Canada (1991).

It has also been studied to prevent prostate (by the Dept. of Food and Science Technology at the Ohio State University, 2003) and colon cancers (by the Division of Human Nutrition at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia, 1993).

  • For muscle repair: Pro BCAA Complex

BCAA, or branched-chain amino acids, consists of three amino acids.

They are valine, isoleucine, and leucine, with the latter being the most beneficial of the three. They can be found in eggs and meats. They are considered the building blocks of muscles.

During rigorous exercises, the body experiences a decline in BCAAs. This decline would normally induce serotonin production in the brain, which leads to fatigue.

This significantly decreases performance. Supplementing the body with BCAAs can help users prevent fatigue and improve their workouts.

Various researches have shown that the BCAA complex increases muscle mass as it aids in muscle protein synthesis.

It also has an anti-catabolic effect (study published in the Annals of Surgery Journal, from The Netherlands, 1979), so it promotes anabolic processes or production of muscle tissues.

It also increases strength, so users can lift more, heavier weights. It also helps muscle repair, so muscle recovery is fast.

BCAA complex is important for muscle repair and growth. Never buy a muscle enhancement supplement if it doesn’t have BCAA in it. Otherwise, how can it build and repair muscles?

  • The Plant Steroid: 20-Hydroxyecdysterone

20-Hydroxyecdysone, or 20-HE, is a naturally-occurring steroid-like chemical compound found in plants and insects (and crabs). The one used in this product is derived from plants, and it’s one of a kind.

20-HE has been proven by studies that it promotes the body’s anabolic process, even behaving like steroids. Even more good news is that it has no androgynous effect, unlike what steroids can cause.

What’s surprising, though, is that it has been found to have a more potent effect compared to steroids (even with Dianabol). It increases protein synthesis and improves athletic performance.

20-HE has shown in studies that it can also lower cholesterol and has a hypoglycemic effect. It promotes a healthy intestine and liver (based on a study conducted in Toyko, Japan, published in Chem Pharm Bulletin in 1968).

It also has a protective effect on tissues of the nervous system. It also acts as an anti-oxidant, even better than Vitamin D if compared on a molecular basis (study conducted in Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1997).

In other words, 20-HE has so much to offer.

How Much Does It Cost?

This product is very affordable compared to illegal steroids.

The cost, though, depends on how many bottles, or tubes, will be bought. The more tubes are bought, the higher the discount is.

For those who want to buy now, this product has an ongoing sale. All products are 20% off!

The supplement is available in the following packages:

  • Start off with a 1-month supply. This package has a retail price of $85.95 but is only available for $68.95 (20% off discount). It includes 2 tubes with 90 capsules in total. This package is perfect for those who want to try out this supplement first.
  • There’s also a 3-month supply. This package is available for $139.95. Buyers can save up to $120.90 for this option. It includes 6 tubes with 270 capsules in total. Buyers also get a bonus gift of 1/2 month worth of supplies for free.
  • The biggest option is a 6-month supply with 540 capsules in 12 tubes. It costs $279.85, which helps buyers save up to $241.85. There’s also a bonus gift of two more months' worth of capsules and a pack of Muscle Repair Tea, all for free. It would be wise to stock up to save more money on this product.

Where to Buy

This product can be bought online only from its official website found here.

If anyone sees a website other than the one indicated here selling this product, please do not buy from them. They are not authorized, or they’re selling phony products. Please be aware.

Online purchase via the product’s official website is guaranteed safe and secure.

Their website is protected by HTTPS, a security protocol for online communications and transactions. All buyer information is treated as private and confidential as well.


D-Bal Max is available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, USA, UK, and many more. Shipping is free for all countries, and delivery is done through DHL.


D-Bal Max offers no free trial, but it provides one of the best money-back guarantees in the supplement industry.

They offer a 67-day money-back guarantee. Buyers can return their bought product within 67 days if they are not satisfied with it (there is an extra 7-day, so users have more time to decide).

The product must be returned in its unused tubes and original box. The manufacturer will refund payment at a 100% rate, but not including shipping fees.

Within the two-month waiting period, buyers can freely ask for help from health consultants at Bauer.

They offer the most comprehensive support to their customers. Representatives are highly knowledgeable about exercise science, supplements, and nutrition.

There are also live chat and phone call options on their website in case customers have immediate concerns.


Wolfson Brands (UK) has again proven that they can release reliable products that everybody can enjoy. Wolfson Brands is a well-recognized name in the supplement market. It has been in the business for decades, so D-Bal Max users can ensure that their product is not just a fad.

The company employs nutrition and fitness experts and health professionals to come up with the best muscle-boosting product today. Buyers can even talk or have a consultation with these experts before they buy a product. They give advice on diet and exercise, supplement use, and various health and fitness concerns.

D-Bal Max has certainly caught everybody’s attention with its numerous benefits, 60-day money-back guarantee, and affordable price.

As a “Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite,” it keeps up with its promise of (1) super strength muscle gains due to boosts in 1GF-1 and testosterone levels; (2) more intense, longer workouts due to reduced serotonin production; and (3) stronger, bigger muscles brought about by the increase in protein synthesis.

Plus, its key ingredients: (1) Pro BCAA complex, (2) Whey protein complex, and (3) 20-HE, can help users to reduce fatigue and provide more energy, nourish and build muscles, burn fat, and boost metabolism – all naturally. It is truly safe and effective, not to mention healthy.

With its generous refund policy and sale, it is recommended for readers to take advantage of this opportunity to try out D-Bal Max, a safe alternative to Dianabol.