Editorial Process

Idea Generation

Our editorial team meets regularly to brainstorm and pitch new ideas for articles, interviews, and other content that will be of interest to our bodybuilding audience. We consider current trends, popular topics, and reader feedback when generating ideas.

Research and Planning

Once an idea has been approved, the assigned writer begins researching the topic and planning out the content. This may involve consulting with experts, gathering data and statistics, and organizing the information in a logical way.


The writer drafts the content, keeping in mind the tone and style of our website, as well as the needs and interests of our readers. The content should be accurate, informative, and engaging.


The writer submits the draft to the editor, who reviews it for grammar, style, and accuracy. The editor may suggest revisions or edits to improve the content.


The editor verifies all information and sources and double-checks any claims or statistics to ensure that the content is accurate and reliable.

Review and Approval

The editor sends the revised content back to the writer for review and approval. Once the writer is satisfied with the content, it is sent back to the editor for final approval.


Once the content has been approved, it is scheduled for publication on the website. The editor may also promote the content on social media and other platforms to help increase visibility and drive traffic to the website.

Ongoing Maintenance

The editor is responsible for maintaining the quality and accuracy of all published content and may make updates or corrections as needed. The editor also monitors reader feedback and engagement to help inform future editorial decisions.

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