20 of the Most Muscular Women on Instagram

Who comes to your mind when asked about muscular people on social media? Be honest, pal, I am 100% sure you are now imagining and grinning over celebrity bodybuilders and influencers!  Argh! Is it getting hot in here?

Muscle building, however, is not only for men. YES! Women have broken the unwritten tradition as this is now a new generation! HURRAY!

Statistically, the number of women hitting the gym for a more muscular look has increased! Women are now sweating hard and pouring more energy than some guys at the gym to achieve a muscular and stunning physique!

We went straight to social media and listed the fittest and muscular women on Instagram for you.

If you haven't visited the gym or are planning but lack persuasion, you might want to check this out! This will surely inspire and motivate you to hit the gym pronto!

Andrea Shaw: The Passionate Bodybuilder

Andrea Shaw brought her passion for bodybuilding to the next level by competing in numerous physique and bodybuilding contests!

From being a gymnast and cheerleader, she was encouraged by her mom to try muscle building at 17. It turned out that this stunning muscular woman is cut out for bodybuilding! Hail to our Ms. Olympia 2020 and Ms. Rising Phoenix champion!

She not only religiously hit the gym but has taken an off for competition to devote her time to College, earning a BA in exercise and sports science. This refined her resistance training. She truly is a dedicated bodybuilder!

Annie Thorisdottir: The Fittest On Earth!

Annie Thorisdottir isn't your usual bodybuilder.

Iceland's gorgeous CrossFit athlete is likewise a coach/trainer of a co-owned gym! Not only that, she is the first woman to win in the CrossFit Games twice. As written on her Instagram bio, she is evidently the fittest on earth!

She is one of the most dedicated persons in bodybuilding, training four hours per day and six days per week. If you think she is already unreal, get ready to know that she also had experience in gymnastics, ballet, and pole vault. Outside bodybuilding, she dreams of going into the medical field.

Bakhar Nabieva: The Bikini Hottie

Named Miss Iron Bum and famous for her fabulous physique and incredible legs, Bakhar Nabieva continues to inspire people.

She accidentally found herself in bodybuilding after suffering from bullying for being a skinny girl at school. This led to her huge transformation, but she spent years of dedication, hard work, and dieting before this! She clearly is a strong and muscular woman, writing on her Instagram bio,

My goals don't stop for anyone, either you support me or I make it happen alone, either way it's going to happen.

Yes, girl, I am listing this as a motivational speech!

Her fan base has grown after becoming an inspiration for thousands of people everywhere. Series of collaborations, interviews, and her recent creation of a YouTube channel added to this, amassing 3.2 million followers on Instagram!

The bullies got the wrong person; this skinny girl is now a bikini hottie and slowly becoming one of the most prominent female fitness models!

Carriejune Anne Bowlby: Born for Fitness

A fitness icon, professional model, an internet sensation, and inspiration that is certainly Carriejune Anne Bowlby.

Everyone absolutely knows her as she is an exemplar of a fabulous physique. Fitness has always been her world, having joined in track and field team, cheerleading team, and gymnastics squad when she was in High School.

She motivates her around 1.2 million followers on Instagram to continuously work for their fitness goals through the continuous posting of her progress pictures in the gym.

As you check her amazing photos on social media, she sports a striking look in every post, oozingly pretty with her muscular physique. This must be what she wants to emulate when she said in an interview,

My favorite female athlete is Larissa Reis! She was my first fitness inspiration; I love how feminine she looks with all the muscle she has!

Dana Linn: Self-Empowerment Advocate

Nowadays, everything is on social media, and most people think that they have a say in your life, especially your body.

Dana Linn is an accomplished muscular woman but was not spared by some ill comments. Fighting against it wasn't easy, as she struggled for years until she started weightlifting. She is now proud to say that her most significant accomplishment is becoming confident in herself and her body.

With her almost 15 years of training, she continuously stands testament to her followers that they can achieve things like her with hard work and confidence.

She became the first IFBB Physique Pro in history, the first Ms. Physique Olympia, got featured on several magazine covers, had her training column, owned her own gym, clothing line, and supplement line, and made it on America Ninja Warrior.

Cass Martin: Weightlifting Beauty

Bodybuilding knows no gender. Cass Martin was not a fitness enthusiast but inclined to sports and hobbies usually associated with boys. You wouldn't believe it when I say that she used to be a full-time construction worker! Yes, that's true.

Apart from this, she was not new to the fitness industry since her partner has a considerable interest in bodybuilding. Her desire to sculpt her dream physique came to realization when she saw Jamie Eason, a female bodybuilding icon, on a magazine cover.

She started that dream at the age of 23, training in the gym. After venturing into the world of bodybuilding, she enjoys training six days per week with heavyweights, constantly pushing her limits. Her diet and hard work ethic are unbelievable!

She was motivated by the intense training sessions of other fitness models like Danna Lynn Bailey, who concomitantly retained their femininity. Her physique has attracted people, but her beauty could not be denied. It was not shocking that she gained a considerable fan base on Instagram since her continuous thirst for fitness won the hearts of millions of followers.

Jhi Yeon-woo: A Victor's Character

Jhi Yeon-woo is an IFBB PRO South Korean female bodybuilder and has won numerous national and international competitions. To name a few, the Arnold Classic Europe Women's Physique competition (winning a pro card), Korea YMCA, and Muscle Beach International Figure.

With her success and admirable physique, she is now a sensation in South Korea, inspiring numerous women to be strong like her through weightlifting. She is not only an awesome bodybuilder but a true influencer, sharing her secret to her fans that, to build a physique, they should aim to be strong-looking and proportionate.

No one could have thought that someone who only has prior experience and knowledge about the competitive lifestyle would be able to outshine more experienced bodybuilders!

What's more when she was able to snatch 1st place in her weight category! Amazing, isn't it? Let's add to your admiration, as she is more into weightlifting; she lifts 30lbs a day! Check her Instagram to see how dedicated she is to the gym!  

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Julia Vins: She Is Power!

There was the only coach in powerlifting and kettlebell lifting. I was not too fond of kettlebell lifting because I wanted to develop my body harmoniously. And I simply had no choice.

Julia Vins had no choice, yet she nailed the skill effortlessly! That's what consistent effort does; it helps you achieve the impossible! She trains at the gym five times a week, incorporating one to two hour-cardio sessions. She is more into long and high-volume workouts instead of short and intense ones.

Clearly, her routine requires tremendous effort to complete, but she does not see it as exhausting; instead, she enjoys her time at the gym. That's how you build and possess power, my friend!

You could say that she is unstoppable as she competed in various contests just several months after taking on the discipline. Shortly, she gained a million fans online and became a powerlifting icon and a fitness sensation in Russia.

Her entering the fitness industry was triggered by her having no confidence. Now she is a confidently beautiful powerlifter and fitness model!

Linda Durbesson: The Muscular Woman

Depression enveloped Linda Durbesson's life after a terrible injury when discovering her tennis skill and a falling out in her twenties.

She was born as an outgoing person enjoying outdoor activities and had a strong body. To regain her strength and win over depression, she went to the gym and did everything physically strong again!

I know for sure that it demands a tremendous amount of courage to start again, so I salute you!

Did you know that she was originally from Paris? Yes, and then she moved to America. The adjustment was hard, and her heartbreaking experiences led her to look at herself and start wanting to have a muscular physique!

Linda studied Master's Degree in Personal Training, learning the importance of nutrition and training. She then started working out too with a strong drive to achieve the body that she wanted. She works her legs 2-3 times and upper body 3 times per week to maintain her fantastic physique.

Consistency is the key, girl!

Her hard work paid off, and she was recognized online, gaining a mass of followers on social media and attracting various magazines as a model. She is now inspiring and motivating many people with her progress that she continuously shares on her website. Her website was designed to help other people achieve their ambitions.

Renee Jewett: Taking Control, at Last!

What could more drive someone to determination than the hard life she suffered?

Renee Jewett was not born with silver plates, so she knew hard work and resilience so well that she looked up to growth and success. Working hard to get what you want early does help you see the importance of everything. Yes, reality gives us a hard lesson we will never forget!

She started bodybuilding late as she never was an athlete or a sports lover. Her love for fitness only came when she felt like enough was enough, nothing she tried to work for her non-stop gaining.

Imagine trying all the diet plans and gym memberships for a month and only falling back to what you were at the beginning for just a one-time cheat day. That is extremely frustrating!

To gain control of her life, precisely her physique, she started bodybuilding in a very unconventional place, a gym in a town's community center basement. Half the equipment was rusted out and the ceiling leaked in some spots, yet this did not dim the spark of her love for bodybuilding.

She was lucky to marry a man who coached her in her preparations for competition after deciding to take a step higher than pure bodybuilding. After a ton of sacrifice, discipline, and hard work, she became an IFBB Pro. Adversities indeed will not stop someone who has chosen to become who she really wants!

Savannah Prez: Redefining Beauty

Looking at Savannah Prez's Instagram, you can shot-straight say, “what a pretty face!”

While her face could easily catch people's attention, there is so much more than meets the eye. Her fascination was with basketball, although she only stands at 5.2 ft. After winning championships for ten years, she decided to take on a new challenge; that was when fitness became utterly popular.

She was used to competitions since playing basketball; thus, she trained very well and understood dieting through her coach. To date, she has already attended eight championships at the national and international levels. She is marvelous; shifting from basketball to fitness just showed how much determination she is putting into doing what she set on her mind.

Wanna know her life motto and get more inspired? This goes like this:

If you really want something out of life, it's yours for the taking but there is one condition tied to it: ONLY if you're willing to put in the right amount of time, effort and dedication that it takes to accomplish the goal you set.

Copied and saved to my notes!

Stefi Cohen: This Muscle Girl Is on Fire

Physical Therapy Doctor? Physiologist? Fashion? Powerlifter? Mind blown! Yes, that is Stefi Cohen!

It's incredible how someone can be everything and still manages to be good at it all! She is naturally competitive in that you'll see her shining not only in lifting but in every sports competition she has participated in.

Stefi has been declared twenty-five times as the world-record-holding powerlifter. Also, she is the first woman in the history of sports to deadlift four times her bodyweight! Woah! That's crazy!

Do you want something crazier?

Apart from her powerlifting career, she is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a physiologist. Just wow! She is also sharing informative videos about training and nutrition.

How about fashion?

Yes, our all-around weightlifter also has the hots for fashion. She started her fitness meets streetwear label HYBRID Legacy. With all that she achieved and has been doing, she definitely is on fire!

Eva Andressa: Heaven's Favorite

With just an ounce of determination, slim 17-year-old Eva Andressa became a global fitness sensation!

Heavens must have favored her when she met a husband who is an athlete as well. Her husband has given her the inspiration and training that she needed, which eventually changed her whole life! What a match!

Her success in bodybuilding blossomed when she started competing on a national level and has been donning first place. Unlike other bodybuilders, she does not follow a workout plan and only trains when she feels necessary.

She has stopped training her chest, biceps, and triceps since becoming a fitness model, which was very unusual for bodybuilders, but she believes that these parts of her body are at her ideal size. This must be her secret to keeping a perfect body; if you disagree, go and check her Instagram, and you'll surely change your mind!

She has learned her technique and has maintained discipline and consistent effort. Her popularity exploded further with her exposure to TV shows, magazines, and Instagram. She attracted more than six million followers, who she keeps on motivating with her unique training. 

Latorya Watts: Historical Domination

Latorya Watts' success is proof that you will eventually win when you work hard and follow your dreams!

It sounds simple, but often, the simplest things are the hardest to achieve. It requires a tremendous amount of discipline, consistency, and determination.

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Like most prominent bodybuilders, she has zero background in athletics or fitness, but that couldn't possibly be believed since she is a natural.

Although she won in bikini shows, she realized that she did not fit in the category. She worked hard with the help of her coach and shifted to figure division. She then earned multiple wins leading to her domination of the said division with five consecutive wins.

Latorya certainly made history by becoming the first African-American to win the Ms. Figure Olympia title in 2015. And yes, her hard work is worthy! She is now an IFBB Pro Figure!

Nicki Chartrand: Committed to the Gym

Women from small towns are stereotyped to be the kind who only thinks about marriage and children. Nicki Chartrand, however, is different!

Her path to fitness started when she followed her co-worker to the gym to do a group fitness class. She didn't realize that she would fall in love with the gym. The kind of place you didn't know would make you dream.

She pushed herself to her limits. She'd lift until she couldn't walk or lift anymore. She never missed a day visiting the gym. It's like being committed to someone that you'll do everything to make it work. Ohh!

However, she found herself in bodybuilding when the judges in her category said, “you're a bodybuilder!” She then entered bodybuilding and risks it all. It was worth it when she achieved her first Pro WIN! She is now an FBB Pro with notable winnings such as 8th Olympia 2020 and 6th Rising Phoenix World Championships 2020.

With what she has gotten, she delved into coaching to help other people embark on their journey to fitness and have them realize their passion.

Angelica Teixeira: Utterly Amazing!

Angelica Teixeira is a two-time Bikini Olympia, four-time Arnold Champion, and 13-time Pro Champion!

Okay, that was way too much! She got it all! I will elaborate on it for you. She started with bikini competitions in 2013, and in just three years, she won an astounding 12 out of 22 contests in which she took part. This led her to become an IFBB Bikini Pro! What a massive achievement!

Like most fitness victors, she did not initially plan on working full-time with bikini competitions. She is a coach, so her goal was only to gain experience in training, dieting, and contest preparations for her clients.

As she was amazed that people were now becoming interested in competing, she decided to compete too, saying, ‘I can do this,' especially because it could only help my ability to train my clients in the process.

Although this was her intent, she worked hard training herself and then her clients. She would do a late afternoon workout as her second workout for the day.

This is how dedicated she is, which eventually makes her deserving of what she has achieved! Let's all say, ‘I can do this, too!

Helle Trevino: A Strong Soul

2019 Rising Phoenix World Champion Helle Trevino has been on the stage competing as early as three years old in gymnastics. She also competed in various sports, including ballroom dancing, swimming, track and field, shot put, martial arts, horse-riding, boxing, biking, ballet, and yoga. She is naturally honed for competitions.

Her lifestyle has been super active, and she was not able to give much importance to her health. So just after getting her pro card and competing in her first Olympia, she herniated multiple disks in her back. Her doctor told her that she could not compete again.

She was, however, a fighter; lest she acts immediately, she'd be beaten. She then worked with numerous doctors and took eight years to rehabilitate her back.

She made an impressive comeback in 2011, winning at the FIBO Pro in Germany. In 2017, she had another massive win which is the Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix World Championships. She is a strong soul, and not even a hint of yesterday's pain affected her determination to reach her goals.

Melina Keltaniemi: The Winner Eyes the Top

THE FIRST-EVER IFBB ELITE PRO WORLD BIKINI CHAMPION! Being on the top must be challenging; many people will want to compete against you to snatch the throne. But Melina Keltaniemi does not worry about such things. Her eyes are intact on her objectives, and when she declares a goal, she never missed achieving them.

Want proof?

She has an astonishing competitive career as an amateur. In 2016, she won the 2016 Spring Finnish Junior Championships. She, later on, got the Over title in the open category in the fall. In her class at the Ben Weider Legacy Cup, she again won. At the end of that day, she competed at her first-ever IFBB Elite Pro in Finland.

When asked about her high goals, she responded that,

I will always remember my comment to my coach. I said, ‘I want to win my first competition and, in a year, or two I want to win my pro card.' My dreams are more like plans or decisions, and I'm going to work very hard for those decisions.

A champion's thought! What makes her different from the rest is that although she is young, she has a clear vision of how to keep on improving. She does not put so much stress on winning and competition too much. Instead, she goes off a good break after every competition to give time to her body and depends on her fitness routine on its necessity.

Although we strive to achieve our dreams, she has a point: it is better to know your limitations too! Wanna see pictures of her to be influenced more? Stop what you're doing and check her Instagram!

Monique Jones: Starting Young

Monique Jones was only 16 when her eyes opened to the fitness world by purchasing a gym membership. A trainer saw her potential in one of her workouts at the gym.

She then prepared for her first figure show in 2001 at Spartanburg, South Carolina, and placed 1st in the overall categories. On her trip to nationals in South Carolina, a judge approached and encouraged her to shift to bodybuilding.

In her first bodybuilding competition in 2008, she won the overall in women's bodybuilding. After winning consecutively in her first three national showings, she placed first in the 2010 IFBB North American Championships and eventually won her IFBB Pro card. She is an NPC judge and a Weight loss & Posing Coach. That's a lot!

Nataliya Kuznetsova: Drawing a Path to Fitness

Nataliya Kuznetsova is a Russian professional female bodybuilder who started powerlifting at 14. This was brought about by her attempt to gain muscle. If it is not yet expected, she took and graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. Her eyes are truly set on bodybuilding!

She is branded as a Russian professional female bodybuilder who holds several titles after winning various competitions, such as the world arm lifting bench press and the European bench press and deadlift titles.

Notably, her best win was IFBB WOS Romania Muscle Fest Amateur champion in 2018. As you browse her photos on Instagram, you'd be in awe at her incredibly muscular physique. Eyes popping!

This is the end of our list. Have you enjoyed our little kinda chit-chat moment?

By now, you must have gotten the right amount of motivation and inspiration to get up and head to the gym. Well, if this is not inspiring yet, I don't know what is. Make your dreams a reality; after all, everything starts with a decision to change and act.

These gorgeous female bodybuilders are obviously all incredible! They have different colorful stories, but one thing is for sure, you should have the determination to get the same result or even better!

Now off you go, and I hope you soon make your progress story! So long!

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