Nitric-Max Review: The Best Nitric Oxide Booster?

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This Nitric-Max review will introduce you to one of the most popular bodybuilding products that you may want to add to your bodybuilding regimen.

Nitric-Max is a pre-workout supplement that increases the levels of nitric oxide in your body naturally so that you can perform better (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Nitric oxide relaxes your blood vessels, so they can open wider and allow more oxygen and nutrients into your muscles while you are working out.

This can result in the following benefits:

  • Improved recovery rates

An intense workout can exhaust you, requiring that you take a recovery period, which can be as long as a few days.

Nitric oxide can help speed up this recovery time, which can be particularly important if you’re competing and have only a short time to get pumped.

Of course, when you can work out more often, with shorter recovery periods in between, you will get the best results, provided you are also taking the appropriate diet.

  • Greater endurance

If you are training for a marathon or other event where you need to build up your endurance, you will need to increase your nitric oxide levels.

Endurance relies heavily on the amount of oxygen that can get to your muscles, so nitric oxide is a must.

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Besides, if you are going to compete at high altitudes where the air is thinner, it will be more difficult for oxygen to get to your muscles.

Thus, you will need to supplement with nitric oxide to compensate.

  • Intensified pumps

To maximize your results, you will need to achieve a pump. This is a term that refers to increasing the volume of blood in your muscles, which will need more nutrients and oxygen during the workouts.

Without a pump, you will not attain the maximum muscle growth that you are aiming for.

Since nitric oxide opens blood vessels, it makes it easier for your muscles to draw blood from all over the body when they need it. This will result in greater muscle growth and increased muscle mass.

Also, the longer you achieve pumps. the more capillaries your body will produce as a result of higher blood flow.

Nitric-Max Features — Updated in December 2022

💲 PriceFrom $64.99/bottle
📅 Money-Back Guarantee60 Days
✔️ Is Nitric-Max legal?Yes
🖥 Ingredients5
✈️ Is the order shipped discreetly in a plain package?Yes
🛠 SupportEmail, Phone & Live Chat

✔ Pros

  • Greater endurance and energy during workouts.
  • Intensified pumps to ensure that you get the best results.
  • Faster recovery times between workout cycles.
  • Easy to take.
  • Free delivery worldwide.

✘ Cons

  • Premium-priced.
  • Available only through the manufacturer's website

Who Should Take Nitric-Max

One important thing that we have to point out in this Nitric-Max review is that the product is not a magic potion.

The reason we call it a supplement is that it is designed to augment your hard work. If you are not willing to work hard and eat the right diet, then you should not expect to see results from taking the supplement alone.

The main benefits of taking this supplement include:

  • Enormous gains in strength

When you start taking Nitric-Max as directed, you will find that you will be able to lift heavier weights during your workouts. This will help you get better results.

  • All-out performance

Since Nitric-Max improves blood flow to the muscles, you will find that you get more from your workouts, in turn building more muscle mass.

  • Reduced recovery time

It takes you less time to recover from even intense workouts so that you can exercise more often and get the results you want more quickly.

It helps you to achieve maximum pumps. By intensifying your pumps, you will get the best results from your workouts.

Who Should Not Take Nitric-Max

Although you can enjoy many benefits from taking nitric oxide supplements, you should not expect it to be a magic pill that will do everything for you.

In other words, if you are not willing to work hard, you will not achieve the results you want just by taking Nitric-Max.

You also need to adopt the right diet.

You can get the most out of Nitric-Max by eating foods that are rich in arginine since this will help further boost nitric oxide levels in your body naturally, in addition to the regular diet you adopt when you are working out.

Although Nitric-Max is safe and has no side effects, it should not be taken by individuals eighteen years and below.

And before you adopt any supplement regimen, you should always check with your doctor first, mainly if you are taking any maintenance medication.

How Does It Work

In this part of the Nitric-Max review, we will talk a bit about the science behind the supplement.

First, let us begin by explaining how nitric oxide works. Nitric oxide is an essential molecule produced by the body that plays many vital functions.

For instance, it facilitates communication among the body’s cells by helping transmit signals. Thus, it plays an essential role in improving memory and mental functioning (6).

For bodybuilders, nitric oxide functions as a “vasodilator,” which increases the internal diameter of blood vessels.

This causes improved blood flow, reduced blood pressure, and enhanced transport of oxygenated blood along with other nutrients throughout the body, particularly the skeletal muscles.

Typically, your body produces nitric oxide when you exercise since the lining of your arterial walls will produce the molecule in response to the muscles’ increased need for blood.

As we age, however, our body’s ability to produce nitric oxide becomes less efficient due to factors such as free radical damage and poor diet.

You can also increase your nitric oxide levels by eating foods that are rich in the amino acids L-arginine.

Foods that are rich in arginine include seeds, nuts, dairy, and meats, and they not only increase nitric oxide levels, but they also produce citrulline.

Citrulline is an amino acid that helps produce more nitric oxide by being recycled into arginine.

Nitric-Max Ingredients

The main ingredient of Nitric-Max is L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), which has been shown to improve physical performance (7, 8, 9).

It is a modified form of the non-essential amino acid arginine, which is not produced by the body, and you have to get it from the foods that you eat.

Foods rich in arginine include red meat, dairy, seeds, nuts, and fish.

Arginine is required for the production of protein in the body, in addition to playing a variety of other functions.

L-arginine is prescribed for a variety of conditions, including high blood pressure, chest pains, coronary artery disease, other cardiovascular problems, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility (10).

Also, it may be combined with other medications. For instance, to treat migraine headaches, arginine may be taken along with ibuprofen.

To promote improved recovery time and faster wound healing after surgery, as well as to reduce the risk of infection, arginine may be taken along with supplements such as fish oil.

Alpha-Ketoglutarate is an intermediate compound that is the source of the amino acids glutamine and glutamate.

Glutamine is the body’s primary source of energy for cell division, while glutamate is the brain’s main excitatory neurotransmitter.

It is used to treat a variety of conditions, including stomach and intestinal disorders, kidney disease, cataracts, recurring yeast infections, and liver problems.

When taken as a supplement, it can help the liver break down ammonia and other byproducts produced by the muscles during intense exercise, thus helping athletes perform to the peak of their abilities.

The Nitric-Max formulation also includes minimal amounts of dicalcium phosphate, which is a calcium supplement as well as a source of phosphate.

Calcium is essential in helping to preserve bone health as well as helping to alleviate muscle contractions and promoting the transmission of neural signals in the brain.

Nitric-Max Side Effects

Nitric-Max is designed to be safe, with an all-natural formation. It is also produced under strict conditions to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product.

However, you should always check with your doctor before starting to take Nitric-Max regularly.

Although its main ingredient, L-arginine, is safe for most healthy people, it can result in some side effects such as low blood pressure, gout, diarrhea, bloating, airway inflammation, and abdominal pain (11). In particular, you should be careful when taking arginine in high doses.

Conditions where arginine should be used with caution include asthma or allergies, herpes, cirrhosis, low blood pressure, and kidney disease.

Besides, those who have recently had a heart attack should not take arginine since it may increase the risk of premature death.

You should also be careful when taking high doses of nitric oxide, particularly if you suffer from high blood pressure since you may feel lightheaded and dizzy.

Also, if you are already eating a diet that is rich in nitrates, you should also avoid high doses of nitric oxide since it may negatively affect your kidney function. This may ultimately affect your performance when you are working out.

Thus, you should always make sure that you take any supplement only as instructed and do not take more unless your doctor says that it is okay.

Nitric-Max Before and After

In this part of the Nitric-Max review, we would like to share the testimonial of Brendon, who used Nitric-Max along with Anadrole and Testo-Max.

Anadrole is the legal alternative to the steroid Anadrole, which is designed to provide increased stamina and strength to ensure maximum performance during workouts as well as help to kick-start your gains when you are at the start of a bulking cycle.

Testo-Max is the natural alternative to the steroid Sustanon and is designed to help you achieve maximum muscle mass during bulking and cutting cycles by intensifying your stamina and strength as well as shortening recovery times.

Brendon took the supplements as part of his bulking program, and he aimed to build more lean muscle. He trains six days a week, one to two hours a day. After taking the products for a month, he gained eighteen lbs of muscle.

He admitted that at the beginning, he was skeptical about Crazy Bulk products, but in the end, after he got the results he wanted, he was glad that he did!

How to Use It

Take two tablets 20 minutes before you work out, with water.

Since each bottle has sixty tablets, you get thirty servings. Make sure that you use only as directed and do not take more.

Besides, you should use Nitric-Max only with the appropriate exercise and diet program to get the best results.

You should expect to use the product for two months before you see results, although this depends on how hard you work.

Price and Discounts

One of the biggest complaints about Nitric-Max is that it is somewhat pricey ($64.99 per bottle). This is to be expected since the product is made with the best ingredients and under strict conditions to ensure that you get the highest quality.

However, the manufacturer wants to make sure that its supplements are accessible to the most number of people, so they are offering a buy 2 get 1 free promo. The way it works is that you buy two products, and you get a third product free.

For instance, if you buy two bottles of Nitric-Max, you can add a third bottle of the product to your shopping cart, and you will only be charged for the two bottles.

You can also buy three different products, and you will get the lowest-priced product for free.

This promo is also available for “stacks,” products that are bundled together since they are designed to produce a particular effect, i.e. bulking stacks or growth hormone stacks.

Also, you are entitled to free shipping anywhere in the world. This makes the product even more affordable.

Orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours, and US orders will arrive within 3 to 7 working days. European orders will be received within three to ten working days, while other parts of the world will get orders within five to fifteen working days.

Where to Buy Nitric-Max

Nitric-Max is only available on through the manufacturer's website. Third-party supplement retailers such as GNC do not sell it, and it is also not available on Amazon.

While this may seem inconvenient to some people, you enjoy a lot of advantages. For one, you are assured that you are getting the best price since you do not have to pay markups since you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

In addition, you are assured of the freshest product since your orders are shipped directly from the company warehouse.


Although most of the discussion around using supplements concerns how they can be used as the closest legal thing to steroids, there is less talk about how these products can create a positive environment in the body so that you can get the best results from your workouts.

And this is where Nitric-Max comes in. Having the right levels of nitric oxide in your body are essential to ensure that you achieve your goals.

As we already pointed out, the body produces nitric oxide during exercise since it expands the blood vessels to increase blood flow.

As we age, however, our ability to produce nitric oxide decreases. So we have to rely on supplements to increase our levels of this amino acid.

Nitric-Max has been shown to be effective in helping to boost nitric oxide in the body when used with the right diet.

When used as directed, you will find yourself being able to perform better during your workouts, with more strength and increased stamina.

And you will be more than happy with the results that you get, with unbelievable pumps and shorter recovery times between workouts.

We hope that this Nitric-Max review was helpful to you. Try it out, and we’re sure that, with hard work and persistence, you’ll be amazed at how this supplement can give you the physique you’ve always wanted!