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Muscle Dysmorphia – When the Desire for Perfection Becomes an Obsession

Mental illness can be tricky to diagnose. Often, people may struggle with the question of whether or not specific symptoms or behaviors constitute a mental health issue or simply embody an aspect of ordinary living. Does your excessive worrying constitute anxiety? Is your grief actually clinical depression? It is easy to fall victim to these sorts

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Best Clean Bulking Foods

Best Bulking Foods

Bulking refers to the act of overeating to gain weight. The main idea behind bulking is to consume as many calories as possible. Along with eating the best bulking foods, “bulking” also entails working out intensively to gain size and strength. For many people who are into weightlifting, it is not easy to gain muscle

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natural muscle relaxers

Top 3 Natural Ways to Relax Muscles

Muscle spasms are usually short-lived, but their severity can leave you writhing with pain. If you’re suffering from these cramps, it is probably a sign of your muscles protesting against vigorous physical activity, general fatigue, or dehydration. They can also be caused by an insufficiency of electrolytes required by your body. Even if muscle cramps

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Who is Ollie Ollerton?

If you are a fan of Channel 4’s hit television show SAS: Who Dares Wins, then you are familiar with the name Matthew “Ollie” Ollerton. On the show, people know Ollie as a hard-edged, no-nonsense, military veteran. However, there is a lot more about him that the person you see on the television screen. Here you

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