Natty or Arti: Is John Cena Natural or on Steroids?

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Have you ever met a personality that is so iconic that the whole world may, in fact, know their name and associate their image with the correct details and all? If you answered yes, that is not necessarily surprising as there are indeed people who are just that big in the industry.

Whether it is in the field of movies, TV shows, bodybuilding, music, or even in the world of wrestling, some people just stand out due to their natural charisma and likable character that is just guaranteed to take them places.

Of course, similar to how Hollywood stars become pressured to maintain a “perfect” outward appearance while constantly exposed to the public, any personality already apparent to the public's eye would likewise experience the same sensation. It can be described as that “ick” that doesn't seem to go away – persistently following them around and telling them to be like this and like that just to appease the public.

It is already difficult enough for some to handle as the pressure itself is enough to break the weak-minded. Still, some even succumb to the expectations of the masses, only to be criticized for taking the easy way out of the mess they are in. This is where performance-enhancing products come in.

The Media Pressure

In the field of fitness, wrestling, for instance, a person's physique is almost a standard on which everything will be based – from your skills to your “likeability” in this particular context. This is even more true for WWE, where actors are still expected to have that rugged build that is stereotypically or conventionally “strong” from a single glance despite the matches being scripted.

Of course, this is not necessarily the actual standard, but you get what we mean. The media is always concerned about the personality's appearance. Sometimes, one might even use unconventional methods to achieve this expectation.

Who Is John Cena?

If this is who was running in your mind the minute we mentioned WWE, well, you are not necessarily unique, as most people would definitely come to this conclusion upon reading that section. Yes, John Cena is the personality that we will be scrutinizing in this context. 

Personal Details

John Cena is a well-known personality in wrestling, particularly in the WWE series, due to his massive physique and his polished skills inside the ring. John Cena spent most of his childhood improving his body and preparing himself for a career in the world of bodybuilding – starting his lifting sessions while he was still as young as 12 years old.

He went to Springfield College and studied Exercise Physiology, and in 2000 he earned his degree and then became a bodybuilder in California.

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He became a wrestler with the Ohio Valley Wrestling or OWW in 2001, and he immediately captured the heavyweight title 1 year after his debut. In 2002, he then signed up for WWE, where he entered the smackdown roster of the competition – rising to fame as the John Cena that we all know and love now.

He obtained the World Heavyweight Championship 3 times, won the WWE Championship 13 times, and obtained the Slammy Award 10 times. 

Current Stats

John Cena, 44 years old, stands at the height of 6 ft. and 1 in., with a weight of 114 kg or around 251 lbs. with an approximate body fat percentage of about 9%. According to reports, he can deadlift 664 lbs. of weight.

Responses to Steroid-Use Allegations

John Cena, much like any other bodybuilder, has once been interviewed regarding whether he is using steroids to boost his performance or not. His response to the CNN documentary interview that was done regarding this context was, “I can't tell you that I haven't, but you will never prove that I have” – a statement that, while confusing, can be assumed as a “no” response to the allegation. However, the most common answer he gives in other interviews is “absolutely not.”

WWE Testing History

Due to the “wellness policy” of the WWE team and its organization, random drug tests are performed on their employees to ban the use of illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids – and Cena was likewise tested for this. Based on the results, he was able to pass the tests, but those who failed were immediately suspended by the organization.

Evident Signs of Steroid Use

Now we could definitely see that John Cena is perhaps one of the most gifted men in the world when it comes to natural physique, and this is even more evident with the size and shape of his chin and jaw, even while he was still young. However, to know more about whether a particular person is using or has used steroids in the past, specific factors can be scrutinized in this aspect.

Skin Tone

Skin tone is sometimes a big giveaway for bodybuilders who use steroids as the substance causes this particular side effect. Skin tone is often dictated by the body's temperature – a parameter linked to blood pressure.

John Cena is often seen with a pink hue – a color that may be attributed to his natural skin tone but is also indicative of steroid use. 

Bloated Abdomen

Bloating is normal in everybody, but it does not necessarily mean that everyone appears bloated every time. Steroid use induces a phenomenon known as “fluid retention,” which causes the accumulation of water in the abdomen – causing bloating at its primary manifestation.

In some pictures of Cena, it is evident that he sometimes has a bloated stomach. Sure, it may be due to a burrito that he scarfed down backstage, but it does chip away at the credibility of his natty status once coupled with other apparent facts.

Blocky Physique

When comparing his photos before and his current ones. It is evident that his midsection is relatively thicker, and his muscle tone is just more enhanced. This is often a long shot in some cases, but steroid use does cause growth within the hips or midsection, resulting in the blocky look that can be seen in Cena's physique.

Skull Growth

Similar to his physique, it can likewise be observed that his head has almost doubled in size since he was young – a common symptom among bodybuilders that use Human Growth Hormone or HGH to improve their muscle-building processes, subsequently increasing their cranial size along the process.

Inconsistency In “Newbie Gains”

John Cena started lifting when he was 12, but it was evident that he did not obtain a big chunk of his gains until he was 18 years old. In the world of bodybuilding and muscle development, there is a term known as “newbie gains,” and this is the phase where people who are naturally gifted develop the most muscle in the first few years of their routine – a phenomenon that did not happen for Cena until six years later.

While this could be attributed to his growth spurt, the inconsistency and erratic timing somehow raise a few questions about his routine and what exactly is pushing his process behind the scenes.

The Bottom Line

Difficult as it may seem to believe, due to the testing process of WWE behind the scenes, it appears that John Cena is, in fact, using steroids, or maybe even used to use steroids in the past. It is difficult to determine when exactly he took the medications, but it is evident that he is showing symptoms of steroid use, no matter how clean he might seem from the records.